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19 April 2014 – A Quick Trip to the Fishing Pond

So, I had to work 0800-1500 yesterday.  I also met Cindy and Ember for lunch right after that until 1600.  Add to that a trip to the liquor store for wine for Cindy’s sauce with dinner (you can only buy wine in the state owned liquor stores here in Utah) and a trip to Walmart […]


Another New Rod and Reel Combo – The Zebco Dock Demon!

So, let’s see here…  I’ve got my Zebco 33 Platinum combo, the Zebco 11 Authentic combo, a B&M bamboo cane pole, and 12′ and 10′ telescoping Shakespeare crappie rods.  Oh yeah – I’ve also got my Zebco 808 that’s on the Bill Dance Omega catfish pole that came with the reel I haven’t mastered yet […]


Fishing – Getting Started All Over Again

So, I’ve decided to get back into fishing again :)  Before hauling off and getting all new everything, I looked around to see what I could find around the house that survived a few moves. One thing I was able to find was my tackle box :cool:  There was quite a bit of stuff in […]


20 February 2014 – Restoration via Riding and Rock & Roll

I took this pic when I got back from lunch today. I’ve been pretty darn sick since about 12 February.  It started with an icky feeling and a scratchy eye.  It turned into upper and lower respiratory infections with a side of double eye infection.  I wasn’t feeling too good the following day and left […]


26 May 2013 – Ember & A Trip to Salt Lake City, UT

So, I actually had Sunday and Memorial Day off this past weekend :)  I usually only have a Sunday off when I work a Saturday, but the holiday gave me a little extra time to rest.  Cindy had a three day weekend, so we headed up to Salt Lake City on Sunday…  I don’t know […]


22 March 2013 – Scooter (And Me) Update #4 – Success And Sickness

So, the last time I posted there was a problem with the scooter.  It wouldn’t power up.  At all. I’d pulled off some bodywork, but other than that nothing had really changed since the night before.  I had suspicions about what was causing it.  Those suspicions proved correct.  It wasn’t a blown or damaged fuse, […]


30 November 2012 – Astronomy Update

I’m sure everyone’s heard the news by now that I finally got a telescope.  I haven’t had a chance to post much of anything about what I’ve done with it yet, but I figured I’d take a few spare minutes here to bring everyone up to speed. As I said, I took it out for […]


23 November 2012 – New Ember Pics!

Yeah, I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything with some actual photographs.  Like I’ve said, life’s gotten quite a bit busier than it was this time last year and I don’t have nearly as much time as I did then, so I hope you’ll understand and excuse me for that. I […]


SITREP – 19 November 2012

Well, it’s taken quite a while, but I finally have some good news to report We’ll start with the important stuff.  Ember and Cindy are doing great :cool:  Yes, I’ll post more pics soon Now for the rest.  I finally got a full time job with the local telephone, internet, and cable TV provider :mrgreen:  […]


9 August 2012 – Sitrep

Folks, I’m still here in Utah and doing fairly well Cindy and I have moved into our house, but I don’t have internet access there and we’ve all been really busy.  I promise I’ll try to post more in the near future! I have a few news items.  One of my saddle bags decided to […]