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29 June 2013 – Adventures with Ember

It is getting really rather late, but I had a couple of things to post so I’m going to try to be quick about it. Saturday was a good day with Ember I’d stopped by Walmart a bit earlier in the day and saw that they’d had some neat stuff in the parking lot.  I […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 15 June 2013 – Outlaw Car Show in Helper, UT

So, it’s been a while since my last post.  Again.  Between work, my beloved 10 month old daughter, and all the rest of the stuff that takes up my time, blogging has had to fall back a bit. Yesterday saw Cindy, Ember, and myself out at the Outlaw Car Show in Helper, UT.  That’s just […]


12 June 2013 – A Pic From Last Night

It had been a while since I’ve actually seen the moon as it’s risen and set earlier than my schedule really accommodates.  I realized last night that it should still be up and out to the west, so I grabbed a camera and a tripod I think it turned out pretty decent Have a great […]


12 June 2013 – Ember’s Latest Professional Pictures!

So, Cindy found a place up north that has a great deal on pics of people’s kids.  I think it was about $70 for a few prints, a CD of the entire shoot, and the rights to the pictures as well :)  She and her mom took Ember up to take advantage of the deal […]


26 May 2013 – Ember & A Trip to Salt Lake City, UT

So, I actually had Sunday and Memorial Day off this past weekend :)  I usually only have a Sunday off when I work a Saturday, but the holiday gave me a little extra time to rest.  Cindy had a three day weekend, so we headed up to Salt Lake City on Sunday…  I don’t know […]


5 April 2013 – Another Scooter Update – Mirrors and Lights

So, as I posted before, my new scooter mirrors showed up in the mail on Friday along with the mounting hardware.  Well, I’d intended to get them mounted sometime during the weekend but I changed my mind when I got home.  I grabbed a couple of tools and… THEY WORK!!!!! Here’s a head-on shot of […]


5 April 2013 – Scooter Update – I’ve Got Mirrors!!!

I knew when I got my scooter that it only had one mirror.  That was no big deal as it would be a while until I got everything together enough to be able to ride it and there were plenty of them online.  Here’s a picture of what it still looks like right now: I […]


01 April 2013 – Sitrep and a Pic

Sorry for the posting delays again – it’s been busy out here for a few reasons I’ve been riding my scooter nearly everywhere and I’ve put somewhere around 70 miles on it, but the fuel gauge still hasn’t reached the 1/4 tank mark yet.  It holds about 1.5 gallons, but I’ve also had it running […]


24 March 2013 – Scooter (And Me) Update #6 – Almost There…

And we’re back  I was about 50% better from my illness on Friday, 75% Saturday, and I’m about 95% back to normal today.  And yep, I managed to get even more stuff done on the scooter today The first things I managed to get done today were the engine and final drive oil changes.  Sorry, […]


23 March 2013 – Scooter (And Me) Update #5 – IT WORKS!!!!!

So, where was I?  Let’s see…  Ah, yes – I was recovering from food poisoning  I can’t actually think of anything I despise more than food poisoning.  It’s worse than a concussion and road rash.  It’s worse than any hangover I can recall and there’s been a few doozies in my past.  Yeah, I’d rather […]