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18 April 2014 – Fishing – Keepers and New Gear

So, I had yesterday off from work for a couple of reasons.  One of them is that daycare is closed Friday and Monday for the Easter holiday.  I had Ember all day long and we had a pretty good time, but I’m not quite up to taking her somewhere like a lake to go fishing […]


Dock Demon 1st Trip

So, a few days ago I picked up a Zebco Dock Demon rod and reel combo for about $10 including tax :)  If you don’t remember this or don’t know what they are, click here for my earlier post.  For those who don’t know or don’t want to click, a Zebco Dock Demon is a […]


Another New Rod and Reel Combo – The Zebco Dock Demon!

So, let’s see here…  I’ve got my Zebco 33 Platinum combo, the Zebco 11 Authentic combo, a B&M bamboo cane pole, and 12′ and 10′ telescoping Shakespeare crappie rods.  Oh yeah – I’ve also got my Zebco 808 that’s on the Bill Dance Omega catfish pole that came with the reel I haven’t mastered yet […]


31 March 2014 – Trout – It’s What’s For Dinner!

All week long, I’ve been itchin’ to go fishin’ and I finally got to go yesterday All my trips before were planned to be catch and release from the beginning.  This trip was different.  I was going fishing and I was going to bring a fish or two home for dinner I caught both of […]


Found at Aerostich – Season of the Bike by Dave Karlotski

————– I found a damn good bit of writing a while back while perusing the Aerostich website.  It’s one of those places that has good gear and tools for motorcyclists.  They also have a few good articles if you know where to look The piece I’m talking about is called Season of the Bike by […]


20 February 2014 – Restoration via Riding and Rock & Roll

I took this pic when I got back from lunch today. I’ve been pretty darn sick since about 12 February.  It started with an icky feeling and a scratchy eye.  It turned into upper and lower respiratory infections with a side of double eye infection.  I wasn’t feeling too good the following day and left […]


Coleman 425B – We Have FIRE!!!

After all the work I put into this stove, I thought it might be a good idea to fire it up (Literally!) and make sure everything worked before I applied the decorations.  Well, it worked Actually, every part of the stove worked, but I learned a couple of things that are kind of important  Here […]


Coleman 425B – Finishing Touches

So, it’s coming down to the finishing touches now I’ve got the stove painted Rustoleum aluminum and I’m planning on using some flat black model paint (brush on variety) to make faux panel and rivet/screw lines.  Now, the original plan was to go with some nose art similar to what you see below: That’s still […]


Coleman 425B – Painted and Assembled

OK, who’s still following along with me on the stove renovations ? It’s getting close to being done!  I’ve managed to get it de-rusted, primed, painted, and now reassembled :D  I probably should have left it all alone to dry a little longer, but I just couldn’t help myself. Here are some more before and […]


Coleman 425B Stove Update – Painting Has Begun

So, getting back to that stove I’ve been working on…  Progress has been made I managed to get the burner cups, burner caps, manifold, and grate painted.  And I did it pretty quickly, too!  I suspended those items on hooks and painted them outside.  I then brought them inside where the paint dry correctly since […]