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Howdy Again!

Hey there! I know I’ve been a bit sluggish on posting lately, but I promise I’ll fix that soon ???? I just need to figure out how to do all this stuff on my iPhone ???? Have a great day!!!


18 Facts You Never Knew About the A-10 Warthog [VIDEOS]

At the Controversial Times was this……………… I love the Warthog. As an old Navy Air A-6 Intruder Maintainer, it is a kinship thing. Warthog-Big, Ugly and Carries A World Of Hurt just like the Intruder. I think the Fast Mover-Wiz Bang Fighter Mafia running the modern Air Force needs a serious attitude adjustment for trying […]


Sad Passages……………Sometimes even this can hurt.

There are those who will understand and those who will not. This is for all of the above. The Good Ships Forrestal and Saratoga are almost gone……………………………….. Constellation arrived at the breaker’s yard in Brownsville about two weeks ago……………………… Thanks for the pics Jeff. I am waiting for the three carriers I made deployments on […]


16 March 2013 – Fishing at Gigliotti Pond

Well, the last post left off with pics of what I’d found in my tackle box.  This post might skip over a bit of gear info in the pics, but I’ll try to fill it in as best I can The only fishing gear I could find aside from my tackle box was a seven […]


Fishing – Getting Started All Over Again

So, I’ve decided to get back into fishing again   Before hauling off and getting all new everything, I looked around to see what I could find around the house that survived a few moves. One thing I was able to find was my tackle box   There was quite a bit of stuff in […]


Ember’s Latest Professional Pics

So, Cindy decided that we needed some new professional pics of Ember   Now, I can take pics all day long and I have a decent camera and all, but I’m not going to get results like a pro.  I don’t have the lighting, walls, props, and experience working with kids that the pros do.  […]


24 Reasons Why Hockey Players Are Actually Big, Cuddly Sweethearts

Hockey players have a reputation for being tough, brutal, manly men. And for the most part, that stereotype holds up. But among the people who cover sports they’re also consistently considered the most approachable and friendly athletes in any league. Here are some of the reasons why. 24. Because they go out of their way to […]


03 August 2013 – Voyages on Two Wheels – Pics From A Couple of Weeks Ago

I’ve meant to post these pics for a while now, but I’ve just been really busy lately.  This morning I wrote another quick post regarding my motorcycle and the work it needs right now.  I thought it would be appropriate to remind everyone (myself included) why I like riding it as much as I do […]


3 August 2013 – Motorcycle Needs A Tire NOW!!!

I walked out to my motorcycle this morning and went to walk it out from under the deck when I noticed that it was very difficult to roll.  I was going to check the tire pressures anyway, so I put the tire gauge on the valve stem like always. It didn’t move. It didn’t do […]


Feinstein’s Latest Gun Ban Looks Irrelevant

Kurt Hoffman explains why here