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Motorcycle Roadcraft – Avoiding a SMIDSY Crash

In my limited experience aboard my motorcycle, I’ve come to learn just how much different it can be than driving a car.  Traveling on two wheels is much more physical, more mentally involved, and unbelievably more unforgiving than driving a car.  Motorcyclists cannot afford to allow our minds to wander too much while we’re moving, […]


Happy Friday Weekend Kickoff Post – Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

Sadly, I don’t have any new pics to post tonight.  I figured I should at least post something to kick off Friday so I figured why not one of the coolest motorcycle videos I’ve ever watched   If you’ve never heard of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race, you really should look into it […]


More Awesome Utah – Images From My Visit – June 2011

Folks, I’ve been remiss for failing to post these pics much sooner than this.  Between a busted computer along with life and motorcycle riding I’ve just been caught up in all sorts of stuff   I didn’t take the motorcycle on this trip for a few reasons like incredible heat, massive wind, and the fact […]


Perception – A Video That Captures How I Feel About Riding

I know I haven’t been riding all that long, but I am enjoying every single second on my bike I still get all the same questions as I’ve gotten since I announced I was going to get a motorcycle.  I answer that when it rains I get wet, yes I am a bit hot but […]


Another Helpful Hint For Christmas Shopping

While flame throwers don’t have any pesky federal regulations and are relatively inexpensive, I surely wouldn’t mind receiving an F-22 Raptor or F-117 Nighthawk this Christmas   Oh sure, you could get me an SU-27 Flanker, F-5 Tiger, or a T-38 Talon and I’d be seriously thrilled   There’s something the Raptor and Nighthawk have […]


278.6 MPH Motorcycle Ride On A One Mile Track

Here’s one for all the motorcycle guys out there – especially Buck and Glenn   I found it over at Nevada Shooters and thought it was too good to pass up sharing From the YouTube page: Bill Warner making a standing mile record pass running 278.6 mph at the Texas Mile during the October 2010 […]


One Great TV Show – Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel

One of my favorite TV shows for a while now has been Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel.  There’s lots of action, interesting personalities, and really cool severe weather   I love seeing tornadoes and super cells when they’re over open spaces and I don’t want to ever see one hit a populated area.  These […]


High Power Rocketry – What’s Your Neighbor Building In His Garage?

High power rocketry is an interesting hobby / mental illness.  I’ve gotten into it in the past, but left for a few different reasons.  There was the expense for one thing (propellant isn’t free) and there were a few personality conflicts as well.  I may very well get back into rocketry, but I don’t think […]


Plane Pr0n – Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-10

The Messerschmitt Bf-109 was one of Nazi Germany’s most feared and respected fighter planes during WWII.  There aren’t that many real ones still flying, but I found this great video of one of them in action.  If you look at the cowling, you can see that the exhaust stacks are on the lower portion of […]


An Entire DVD Of Warbird Engine Sounds And Nothing Else

Have you ever watched a cool video of warbirds starting, taxiing, and flying but found the narration and background music annoying?  I know I have.  Well, now there’s something just for you   Living Warbirds has an entire 103 minute DVD that’s nothing but video and audio of warbirds with no music or narrator. This […]