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Motorcycle Safety – Captain Crash – Listening to the Voices in Your Head

So, why am I posting a video made by a guy who goes by the screen name “Captain Crash” that deals with motorcycle safety?  Because the guy has some pretty good info and delivers with some great humor This video goes for cars just as much as motorcycles   When it comes down to it, […]


Motorcycle Roadcraft – Avoiding a SMIDSY Crash

In my limited experience aboard my motorcycle, I’ve come to learn just how much different it can be than driving a car.  Traveling on two wheels is much more physical, more mentally involved, and unbelievably more unforgiving than driving a car.  Motorcyclists cannot afford to allow our minds to wander too much while we’re moving, […]


Happy Friday Weekend Kickoff Post – Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

Sadly, I don’t have any new pics to post tonight.  I figured I should at least post something to kick off Friday so I figured why not one of the coolest motorcycle videos I’ve ever watched   If you’ve never heard of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race, you really should look into it […]


More Awesome Utah – Images From My Visit – June 2011

Folks, I’ve been remiss for failing to post these pics much sooner than this.  Between a busted computer along with life and motorcycle riding I’ve just been caught up in all sorts of stuff   I didn’t take the motorcycle on this trip for a few reasons like incredible heat, massive wind, and the fact […]


Perception – A Video That Captures How I Feel About Riding

I know I haven’t been riding all that long, but I am enjoying every single second on my bike I still get all the same questions as I’ve gotten since I announced I was going to get a motorcycle.  I answer that when it rains I get wet, yes I am a bit hot but […]


Another Helpful Hint For Christmas Shopping

While flame throwers don’t have any pesky federal regulations and are relatively inexpensive, I surely wouldn’t mind receiving an F-22 Raptor or F-117 Nighthawk this Christmas   Oh sure, you could get me an SU-27 Flanker, F-5 Tiger, or a T-38 Talon and I’d be seriously thrilled   There’s something the Raptor and Nighthawk have […]


278.6 MPH Motorcycle Ride On A One Mile Track

Here’s one for all the motorcycle guys out there – especially Buck and Glenn   I found it over at Nevada Shooters and thought it was too good to pass up sharing From the YouTube page: Bill Warner making a standing mile record pass running 278.6 mph at the Texas Mile during the October 2010 […]


One Great TV Show – Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel

One of my favorite TV shows for a while now has been Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel.  There’s lots of action, interesting personalities, and really cool severe weather   I love seeing tornadoes and super cells when they’re over open spaces and I don’t want to ever see one hit a populated area.  These […]


High Power Rocketry – What’s Your Neighbor Building In His Garage?

High power rocketry is an interesting hobby / mental illness.  I’ve gotten into it in the past, but left for a few different reasons.  There was the expense for one thing (propellant isn’t free) and there were a few personality conflicts as well.  I may very well get back into rocketry, but I don’t think […]


Plane Pr0n – Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-10

The Messerschmitt Bf-109 was one of Nazi Germany’s most feared and respected fighter planes during WWII.  There aren’t that many real ones still flying, but I found this great video of one of them in action.  If you look at the cowling, you can see that the exhaust stacks are on the lower portion of […]