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Everybody’s on the Run!!!

Yes, the title is another Buffett reference. Something I’ve noticed about Vegas is that everybody’s on the run here. I used to think that San Diego or LA traffic was bad and people there didn’t know how to drive, but Las Vegas beats ’em both hands down!!!

I think the traffic on the freeways has something to do with the fact that there aren’t very many of them. Take a look at Vegas on a roadmap and you’ll see what I mean. To make matters worse, something like 250 people move here every day and the road construction (or should that be road constriction?) crews can’t keep up.

People here know that the freeways are usually jammed up, so they usually stick to the surface streets. The problem here is that nobody seems to have a clue as to how to properly drive with others on the roadways. They pull out right in front of you at intersections, drive 45 in a 65, and generally act clueless.

As locals, we try to avoid driving on the Strip if it’s at all possible. Don’t even get me started on that circus!!!

Feel free to email me if you want more info on this and have fun!


The Weather is Here…

Back when I moved here in October, I thought I was relocating to a desert. Ever since I got here there’s been rain, rain, and more rain. Oh yeah, it snowed too!

We may need the rain (they say we’re in a drought), but rain has become something I really hate to see in the forecast. Really, I used to like it back in San Diego. Rain may have been a nuisance in San Diego, but it’s a ROYAL P.I.T.A. here! Certain parts of the valley flood every time it rains. Koval is a street that runs along the east side of the strip and parts of it always turn into a river every single time it rains. I’ve started to dread hearing rain in the forecast for Las Vegas and Southern California with my new job, too. I work in a call center as tech support for a business T-1 and DSL provider and the rain causes us MAJOR problems.

Of course, the snow had to have been the funniest thing. I was working in a gift shop on the Strip that day and a family from Sweden told me that they had flown all the way to the American desert to get away from that stuff. It was all I could do to keep from falling over laughing!

One bit of weather I have mixed feelings about is the monsoon thunderstorms that always show up here in the late summer. I’m looking forward to them because I love the way thunderstorms look and I like to watch lightning. On the other hand, I’m afraid of what all the rain and flooding will do to the T-1 and DSL circuits I help to support!

As Jimmy would say, only time will tell!!!


I’m the King of Somewhere HOT!!!

That’s right, I’m the King of Somewhere Hot! For those of you out there who aren’t fortunate enough to be devout Parrot Heads, familiar with an album called “Hot Water” by Jimmy Buffett (released back in 1988), here are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs of all time.

Ralph MacDonald, Wm. Salter & Robert. Greenidge

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Las Vegas – this is a desert, right???

Back in October when I moved out here, I thought I was moving to the desert. I know the desert gets cold in the winter, but I thought it was still supposed to be dry. So far we’ve gotten over six inches of rain since then and we’ve received more than the average year’s precipitation since January first. Not only that, but it SNOWED FOR THE SECOND TIME IN TWO YEARS!!! What gives???
Thankfully, we’re supposed to get a reprieve and temps in the eighties next week.

It’s funny, the only times I’ve ever been to Vegas have been in the winter when it’s freezing cold and I’m beginning to wonder if it ever warms up!!!


Fun and rain at Margaritaville Las Vegas

I’ve got to say that Margaritaville is a great place for dinner and hanging out, but it can get just a bit crowded on a Friday night. My former boss (and great friend) from Captain’s Cove came into town last Friday (along with a couple of her parrothead friends) for a trade show and was kind enough to buy dinner for my girlfriend and me. The normal dining area on the ground floor was full and LOUD, so we all decided to head up to the outdoor dining area on the third floor. The view was great from up there, even if it was a bit chilly. The heaters helped to keep the chill off and I thoroughly enjoyed my mango margarita and Cheeseburger in Paradaise! The food and freinds were great, but right when we were finishing our dinner, it started raining! Ya know, it’s rained all the time since I moved here – this is supposed to be a desert, right??? My boss and girlfriend were great sports about getting rained on, and I said that this was the tropics so it was expected, right?


The Logitech MX-500 Mouse – GREAT!!!

First off, let me say that I’m not a gamer by any means, so this mouse might seem like a bit of overkill for someone like me. It might seem strange for someone who loves their laptop’s touchpad to go out and spend $40 on a mouse, but I had several good reasons.

So why would I go out and spend this much on a mouse? There are a few different reasons. The real reason I got it was work related. My job requires a lot of navigating between different windows along with a lot of copying and pasting while trying to stay on a time table. I wanted something to help make all this easier. This mouse looked like a good way to accomplish that goal and it has exceeded all of my expectations!

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My New Job ROCKS!!!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated anything, so I figured I might just have to update everyone on my new job. IT ROCKS!!!

I never thought that a call center job would be that good, but this is pretty darn cool! I basically troubleshoot problems that people call in with regarding their T1 or DSL service to figure out if it’s the LEC’s problem, ours, or the customer’s. That part may not seem like too much fun, but it’s actually pretty interesting. I also have a great group of people to work with which makes it even better.

I’m sure glad I went to that job fair!!!


The Parker Reflex and Pilot Varsity Fountain Pens

Aside from all sorts of techno-gadgets, I’m also a fan of writing instruments. Even in this age of gel ink and space pens, there’s still something special about fountain pens. I don’t know how to explain it, but they have a certain romance about them and a different feel in the way they write. It’s been a while since I had a fountain pen, so I decided to go out and get one.

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I was hitting the “Next Blog” button the other night when I saw this one. I couldn’t stop reading it for a couple of hours! Red6 is the leader of an armor platoon in Iraq and his blog chronicles the events as he saw them in Iraq.

Great job guys! Keep up the good work!



I finally got a job! I’ll be working for a telecommunications company supporting their business DSL service here in Vegas! The pay is pretty good for someone just starting out and the benefits start on the first of next month :-) ! I no longer work at a cash register and I don’t have to worry about looking anymore! Even the dress code is livable – long pants (jeans are OK) and a collared shirt. I’m just so happy!!!!!!!!!!