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My FRS/GMRS and WX Radios

I mentioned these in my post about my new emergency and shortwave radio, so I figured I’d show you all what I was talking about there.

I was getting ready to move to Vegas from San Diego and one possibility that kept coming up for the move was for my girlfriend and I to drive separate vehicles across the desert to carry more stuff. I had visions of one of us having some sort of problem while out of cell phone range and not being able to contact the other one. We’re also planning on going camping, so these seemed like a natural choice with their long range, weather band (WX) and WX alert capabilities, and (at the time) low cost.

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My New Emergency and Shortwave Radio!

Grundig/Eton FR-200

I’ve mentioned Jimmy Buffett’s book, “A Salty Piece of Land” before, and I got to thinking about one of the things in that book the other night. Cleopatra Highbourne, one of the main characters, is always listening to her shortwave radio aboard her schooner. I’ve heard about shortwave before, and I got to thinking that I might just like to try it out for myself. I don’t have the money for a Hallicrafter like Cleopatra’s, but I figured I could get something that would work well enough.

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Download the Internet!!!

I decided to learn a bit about html coding, so I did a google search and found They’re a great reference and they make learning a whole lot easier!

I also found something really funny on their site – Download the Internet! I hope you get a laugh out of it, too!


Job Connect – What next???

I’m starting to wonder even more about the organization know as Nevada Job Connect.

I wrote about this entity in an earlier post, “Adventures in Job Hunting…” The thing that had me frustrated and a bit confused back then was their over-complicated system for registering and receiving a username and password. Now, there’s something else that’s annoying me – the “NV” prefix on some of their job listings.

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I’m going to a job fair on Tuesday!!!

Employers Page

That’s right, I’m going to a job fair at the Palace Station Casino next Tuesday! I get to hand my resume directly to the hiring managers themselves! Over 50 employers in one place, now that’s my idea of a “target rich environment!” No driving to fifty different places (if you’ve ever driven in Vegas, you’d know it’s not just the gas prices that make me feel this way), no faxing, no emailing over a truly slow and unreliable internet connection, no cold calls, just the right people in the right place! Here’s hoping it goes well!!!


Adventures in Job Hunting…

First off, I hate job hunting! It’s something that hangs over my head like a safe hanging from a string in a cartoon. I went out today with hopes of actually submitting some applications, but of course that didn’t happen.

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Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

In case you hadn’t figured it out by my screen name, I’m a devout follower of that great storyteller and musician from the deep south, Jimmy Buffett. I think I’ve got just about everything he’s ever recorded, with the exception of the “Margaritaville Cafe” series of CDs. I’ve read all of his books for adults and I think I’ll have to read the childrens’ books too.

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Captain’s Cove

Captain’s Cove

I mentioned my favorite job in my last post, so I thought I should explain a bit more. Captain’s Cove is a small gift and souvenier shop in Seaport Village on the waterfront of downtown San Diego. It’s really a lot more than just a gift shop, it’s also a second home for some of the lucky long term employees, and a second family for some of us who’ve had to follow our songlines and move on from there.

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This site is much more than just the forum, but the forum is where I spend most of my time. Anyone interested in military aviation should love this site! Stefaan, Lieven, Bjorn and Jon all do a wonderful job keeping everything polite and well organized – THANKS GUYS!!!

This is the site that helped get me through school at Microskills. It was great as a study break and a way to take my mind off of how frustrated I was with the &%$# computers! What a great group of members with so much to say and so much good info!


Time to find a job!!!

Alright, I need to find a REAL job!!! I’ve gone through school, got my certifications, and it’s about time I get the heck out of retail! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that retail is disgusting, it’s just that I deserve something better.

Tonight, I’ll be looking through the classifieds in the local Sunday paper. Tomorrow, it’s off to Dice, Monster, and a few other web sites. Wednesday will probably have me out at a few brick and mortar locations filling out applications and dropping off resumes. So far, the headhunters have only come up with short term contracts, so I think I’m going to have to go out and try to find something more permanent myself.

Well, it’s off to read and mark up the paper, so wish me luck!