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Thoughts on London and Glasgow

London was bad enough. Now they’ve attacked the Glasgow airport.

A couple of jerks decided that they’d make a car into a weapon with some gasoline and a few other things, set it ablaze, and crash it into a crowded airport terminal. See the whole story on Yahoo news here. Reports say that there were no casualties other than the criminals responsible.

This only a day after the failed London attacks.

I don’t care what their reasons were. These attacks were evil. How do I define evil? It’s pretty simple in this case. Is it intended to harm innocent civilians? Evil.

From what I’ve heard, Glasgow was intended to be a suicide attack. The only reason I’m glad these guys are still alive is that we might be able to get some useful intel out of them. If they really don’t know anything then I’m sorry they failed to end thier pitiful existance in the furtherance of a failed attack.

While I’m glad that the casualties appear to be non-existant, I’m seriously pissed off at these guys for another reason. Governments will feel compelled to react to this with more increased security measures. It’s bad enough that I can’t take nail clippers or a bottle of water past airport security. I can only imagine what this will mean. I hope we won’t have to keep all vehicles at least 1/4 mile away from terminals or something like that. Continue reading Thoughts on London and Glasgow


Thoughts on the London bombing attempts

Lots of stuff in this crazy world of ours has me thinking. Things like the London attempted bombings for example.

For those who live in a cave and don’t have have access to the plans for these events, two cars were found yesterday in London which were loaded with explosives (wrapped in nails) and gasoline. The devices failed to function for which I am truly thankful.

The news channels sensationalized it, as they usually do. Non stop coverage. Speculation about details such as who was responsible, what was the explosive, and why this happened abounded.

Continue reading Thoughts on the London bombing attempts


Shaping Up Jeff

I’ve started another blog called “Shaping Up Jeff.” Why? I think the subtitle for that blog says it quite well:

It’s simple. I’m fat. I’m entirely too fat. It’s time to change that. Again.

Yep, I did it before and it’s time to do it again. So far there’s only one post, but that will change soon enough.

If you’re interested, go have a look. I might crosspost some of the posts from there over here, we’ll just have to see how it all goes.

I hope someone other than myself will benefit from my experiences, but I’m no doctor, so consult yours before beginning any weight loss or fitness program for yourself.

Wish me luck!

Click here to visit Shaping Up Jeff.


I’ve got subscribers!!!

Wooo Hooooo!!! I’ve got subscribers!!!

Or should that be something closer to Oh ^%$# !!! I’ve got subscribers!!!

I checked my Feedburner statistics and I’ve got 8 subscribers!

Just kidding about the oh ^%$#, of course – subscribers are good. Very good. It’s great to know that there are actually people out there who read what I write! Now it’s time for me to hold up my end of the bargain.

More good stuff to follow soon…


Good stuff for the troops!

It’s new, it’s cool, and it’s finally in Iraq. “It” is Honeywell’s new Micro Air Vehicle (MAV). The MAV looks like a flying saucer, and even moves somewhat like one, too.

Using a small two cylinder engine and a remote control, the MAV allows troops on the ground to get a closer look at anything within the range of its controller without putting anyone’s life at risk. This can be especially helpful when checking out items such as suspected IEDs.

For the rest of the details, check out the original article on Gizmag.


Even more stuff for the blog!

Very few, if any, will notice that I haven’t posted anything in the past few days. I do have an excuse. No, I wasn’t harassing the Cammo Dudes at Area 51. No, I wasn’t geocaching my way from here to Brazil. No, I wasn’t out at Nellis for an incentive ride with the Thunderbirds, nor was I hanging out with Jimmy Buffett in the Caribbean.

I was actually working on adding more functionality to this blog.

Really – I swear! OK, maybe I was working and occasionally sleeping, but I’ve spent quite a few hours making this thing easier to use. I hope you like the changes and I hope they make life a bit easier. Of course, feedback is always welcome!

Details below the fold…

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Sirs, would you please step off the active runway? Thanks.

This is the first of many stories to bear the label “Adventures With Dad.”

As I might have mentioned before, I’m a BIG fan of airshows, airplanes, and aviation in general. I blame Dad for this. Not that I hold it against him, because I don’t. I just hold him responsible.

From the time I was about 9 months old, my parents took me to the (then) NAS Miramar airshow every year. I was absolutely nuts for the Blue Angels (didn’t really get to see the Thunderbirds much, but that’s changed). I’d count the hours until the start of the airshow. This likely comes as no surprise to many who know me.

Fast forward to sometime around 1987 or 1988. Dad was an officer with the California Highway Patrol at the time (he eventually retired with 31 years on the force) and had heard about Law Enforcement Day at NAF El Centro. El Centro, situated about half way between San Diego and Arizona, is the Blue Angels’ winter home due to the great flying weather and sparse population. Law Enforcement day was a special opportunity for members of the law enforcement community and their families to see the Blue Angels on the day before the official start of their show season. Dad kept me out of school for the day and off we went. I couldn’t wait!
We arrived at NAF El Centro sometime fairly early in the morning, followed our printed directions to the appropriate parking spot, and waited for everyone else to show up. We watched some planes take off and land, gawked at some of the planes on poles and some of the planes on the ramp and had a pretty good time just killing time.

Continue reading Sirs, would you please step off the active runway? Thanks.


March Field Air Museum & Airshow – SR-71!!!


Yours truly living a bit of a dream, sitting in the cockpit of an SR-71 Blackbird, serial number 61-9795

April 2006

Every two years, March Air Reserve Base hosts an open house and airshow and I wasn’t about to miss it if I could help it! Directly across the runway from the actual air base’s flight line is the March Field Air Museum – one of the best I’ve seen. Both of the locations have speakers for the narration and both are worth visiting!

I went to the airshow with my old friend, Adrienne and we started the day at the March Field Air Museum. This museum has some truly rare aircraft! Their collection includes the last remaing Bell XP-59 Airacomet (the first U.S. jet fighter), a B-29 Superfortress bomber from World War II, and even an SR-71 Blackbird, serial number 61-9795.

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New Feature on Parrothead Jeff!

Yet another new feature has been added to Parrothead Jeff.

Some say that I am an encyclopedia of (mostly) useless knowledge. Some say that I share entirely too much of this information. Some even go so far as to say that I have a tendency to share this information in verbose mode as it were.

They say I talk too much?!

OK, so they might have a point. At times.

Admittedly, some of my blog posts have managed to stretch into many multiple paragraphs. They run down the page for what seems like ages. Fingers get tired on the scroll wheel on the trusty mouse and readers may have had to resort to the space bar to go down page by page. At times, pictures may contribute to a post that’s already nearly as long as the history of evolution itself.

For those times (and at least for now on each page whether it helps or not), a link now appears at the end of each post on the main page of this fine weblog.

It says, “[Read more]”

Go ahead and try it out! Click on it just below this line! Continue reading New Feature on Parrothead Jeff!


Nellis AFB Threat Training Facility – MiGs!!!

Nellis AFB Threat Training Facility


Yours truly livin' the good life in the cockpit of a MiG-29 Fulcrum

February, 2006

There’s a small piece of Nellis Air Force Base that holds many secrets… Our enemies’ secrets! The Threat Training Facility on Nellis AFB officially did not exist until just a few years ago, but now anyone who can get on the base can see the weapons systems on display. While the Threat Center is now open to anyone with base access, it is still an active training facility and a vital source of intelligence to current U.S. military servicemen.

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