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Fishing – AKA Relaxing While Watching Airliners And R/C Boats

I keep saying I’m going fishing. I’ve invested money in the gear and time in research on proper technique. But I usually have trouble finding time during daylight to go and put all the gear into use and apply the research. You see, I work Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1700. This time of the year the sun is just coming up when I leave (OK, so it’s been up for a while – I haven’t at that time) and it’s dark when I leave work.

Well, I finally got my butt out of the apartment today and went fishing :thumb: ! Not that I actually caught anything, mind you, but I attempted it with several different methods :wink: Mostly I just kicked back in my chair, let the bait soak, chatted with the locals, watched the planes on final approach to McCarran and watched the R/C boats :)

Hit the jump for more including maps and pics :wink:
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Cute, Cuddly, CA Friendly AR-15 – Just Perfect For Someone I Know!

Hello Kitty AR-15 – evil black rifle meets cute and cuddly

Hellp Kitty AR-15 - the cute and cuddly version!  Click on this image to see it fullsize on its original page in a new window

Well, in the “spirit” of the California Assault Weapon Ban I decided to do my best to alleviate the fears of my fellow citizens and gun-banning legislators when I put together a new AR-15 for my wife. Below is the result of my painstaking work to transform an Evil Black Rifle (EBR) into a Cute Pink RIfle (CPR). Introducing the Hello Kitty AR-15!

Some loyal readers might remember the Hello Kitty AK-47 that I blogged about before, but this one’s not just a fantasy – it was really built :thumb: !!! You simply must read the original post 8) !!!
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Christmas was very good this year :) I think everyone likes the gifts I found for them which is always my biggest concern. Second to that is the fact that I got some seriously AWESOME stuff :D !

Gifts included a very nice fishing rod and reel case, fishing tool kit, a pair of fleece and suede flip flops (and what self-respecting Parrothead wouldn’t be thrilled with those – they rock :thumb: ), military jet DVDs, Blue Man Group tickets, Jimmy Buffett’s Live in Anguilla CD/DVD set, and a whole lot of other cool stuff as well 8) .

Slide and Negative Scanner - Click on this image to see it on its original page in a new window

One thing that I was really hoping I would get was the VuPoint film scanner I wrote about in early November.


Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!

The gifts are all wrapped, soon to be opened and enjoyed by all.

We do have a Christmas tree here at the Parrothead Jeff aviary, entirely thanks to my roommate Cindy :) She went out and bought a tree that wouldn’t make her break out (that would be a non-natural tree) set it up, and even decorated it :thumb: ! She even found my Tazmanian Devil ornament, two airplanes, and my Star Trek Shuttlecraft (with Spock voice recording!) ornaments and put them on for me 8) . We weren’t really going to do anything in the apartment because of having no time (her dad’s still in the hospital – five months after open heart surgery) and not being home all that much. I had told her that I was a bit down because there was very little decoration at work, not that much on the streets, no decorations at home, and my family’s a five hour drive away. She didn’t really want to bother with a tree, but she did anyway – just for me 8)

Our Christmas tree - Merry Christmas, everyone from Parrothead Jeff and Cindy! Click on this image for full size.

If you look closely, you can see the Christmas Parrot acting as the tree topper and the Christmas Flamingo keeping watch over the presents :D

I’ll be working today – someone’s got to do it in the telecommunications repair business and aside from the Holiday pay I figure I’ll let the rest of my co-workers spend the day with their families today 8) .

I’ll be spending the evening with Cindy’s family where we’ll eat dinner and open presents all together. Don’t worry, I’ll call Mom, Dad, and Rob down in Prescott, AZ, my sister Tami out in Kentucky, JR out in Florida, Sifrona out in Tennessee, Adrienne in SoCal, and a few other friends in other places as well :wink: .

There will also be many emails sent out to friends all over the country and even all over the world – I can’t leave T.D. Barnes, Ken Collins, Jeannette Remak, Joe Ventolo Jr., Connie Pardew, Jim Eastham, and the rest of my friends in the Road Runners Internationale, the team, David Kervinen and Team Turbine Toucan, John and the Denizens at the Castle Argghhh!, Pinch, and last, but most certainly not least, Lex out of the well wishes :D

Merry Christmas, everyone :thumb: !!! Have a safe, memorable, and joyous Christmas wherever you are :thumb: !

Jeff Hollenbeck
AKA Parrothead Jeff
Las Vegas, NV

PS – I also have to send out a big Happy Birthday to Jimmy Buffett, too 8) !


Southwest Airlines Gets It – Christmas Spirit!!!

News 8 Austin | 24 Hour Local News | TOP STORIES | Soldiers return home in time for Christmas

Something good in the email yesterday :D ! In a time when we hear about bad news with increasing frequency, it’s refreshing to get some good news now and then :) .

Southwest Airlines is my normal carrier of choice and it’s this sort of thing that they don’t just do for publicity which keeps me coming back along with their low fares.

The last time Dora and Vincente Cortez were in each other’s arms was Thanksgiving.
That’s when Vincente’s unit had to leave for training camp in North Carolina.
Then word came their deployment to Afghanistan would be delayed.
“Here were all these soldiers so close, yet so far away because
some couldn’t afford to fly home for the holidays,” Chief Master Sgt. Gonda Moncada said.
“We were fundraising to bring them home on buses. But we didn’t come close,” wife Dora Cortez said.
But Santa’s elves at Southwest Airlines had a plan of their own, free flights for all the troops.

Kudos to Southwest for showing some real corporate good will and the real Christmas spirit :thumb: !


23 December 2007 – Crusin’ Around With My Brother

Sunday, December 23, 2007 was the last day I got to spend with my brother this year and it was a pretty darn good one 8)

After brunch at Carl’s Jr., it was off to Boulder City for to do some shopping, but alas the shop I wanted to go to was closed for the day. No matter, we drove around some and saw some sights before going and finding St. Jude’s Ranch – a care center for abused children which also happens to have a car museum :) ! The museum was closed, but I bought a few things in the gift shop anyway – a good cause and I needed a Christmas card for Mom’s present.

I did get a few pictures of the Ranch and a couple of the cars. I thought it was rather nice that they decorated nearly every plant in sight, too :D !

This sago palm was decorated for the season
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In the walkway between the Paris and Bally’s hotel/casinos there is a small podium display. The glass appears bulletproof and the construction appears stout.
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Out And About – Thunderbirds And MiGs On Nellis AFB

My brother is in town for the week and being retired Coast Guard, he can get us both on Nellis AFB :) ! We went on down to the Thunderbirds’ hangar, but unfortunately the intercom was broken so we couldn’t get into the gift store in the museum – it’s actually a locked closet. That wasn’t too bad, though. We wandered on down to the base exchange, looked around, and went on our way. Of course, it was cool to see all the Thunderbirds’ jets parked on the flightline next to the hangar :D !

Thunderbirds’ F-16 Vipers all in a row

While cruising around Nellis, we came upon something very cool parked on the street corner…
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Godspeed, Robert Pond

Gone West: Palm Springs Air Museum Founder Robert Pond

Bob Pond was a Naval Aviator during WWII who never lost his love of aviation. He later sponsored the “Pond Racer” airplane which was a purpose-built racing plane designed and built by Burt Rutan at Scaled Composites. Many years later, Bob moved along with his airplane collection to Southern California where he opened the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Mr. Pond passed away after suffering a brain hemorrhage. My condolences go out to his family and friends and my prayers go out for Mr. Pond.

Godspeed, Robert Pond.


Alcohol Is OK, But Slots Are Not???

Whilst perusing the internet this morning, I came across something that has once again lowered my opinion of politicians and the “nanny state” to a new level. Read for yourself:

Bill would ban military slot machines –

OK, so here’s the deal – this politician thinks that it’s OK for the military to sell alcohol and tobacco to the troops, but those slot machines are just too much of a danger because the troops might become addicted to them. :wtf:
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