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Yeah, I’ve been gone from my blog for much longer than I would have liked. Some out there that I talk to on a regular basis are aware of everything going on while most of you don’t know.

This is going to be a post of mostly personal B.S., so I’ll put it all down below the jump.
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Returning To Old Interests – Guns!

OK, so I’m guilty again :) I’ve switched interests.

While I’ll still attend all the airshows I can, will continue to go out and take pics and videos (which will be coming soon!), and will continue to go fishing, I have another new interest. Actually it’s a return to an old interest.


Without getting too deep into the subject, I’ve always believed that the Second Amendment was pretty clear in its intent to prevent the banning of any sort of arms. I can understand the reasons for not wanting just anyone to have a nuke in his basement, but most things short of that should be fair game in my book. For example, I’m of the opinion that if you’re not a criminal and can legally own a rifle, you should be allowed to own a fully automatic rifle. On top of that, you should be able to own one that was not registered before 1986. To go further, I don’t see why I or any other law-abiding individual should not be able to purchase a surplus U.S. fighter jet such as an older model F-16, F-14, or F-106 from the U.S. government. The gun should be operational. The missiles, bombs, and rockets would fall under explosives and should be regulated as such, but as long as the owner is properly licensed, has a proper magazine to store them, a place to employ them, did not carry them over populated areas, and (especially with missiles) their ownership by other than the government would not compromise National Security, should be allowed as well.

That said, I’ve always liked guns. I remember my first time going shooting being with Dad out in the Arizona desert with a .22 derringer. I grazed the empty pop can :) Later on, I got to go shooting with Dad and his handguns, rifles, shotguns, and muzzle loaders in Boy Scouts, and some other shooting with Dad. I also had an air rifle before Scouts which was a Christmas present from my brother who got it without asking Mom and Dad first. That air rifle proved deadly to empty pop cans on many an afternoon in the back yard :D ! It was always a good time.

I got a Marlin Model 60 for Christmas the year I turned 18. That was Grandpa’s gun and it’s served me well with cheap ammo and lots of fun. Until recently, it was my only gun.

Some of the guys from work had started shooting and I was invited to tag along. By the time I was able to get together with them, I was the proud owner of a Yugoslavian AK-47 (see my last post). I brought my AK and .22, James brought his brand new Ruger 10/22, and Frank brought a .45, a 9mm, a pump shotgun and a semi-auto shotgun and his .22. We had a blast :thumb: !

I had shot shotguns in Scouts, but that was many, many years ago. I had never tried to hit a clay target in flight, but I managed to do so several times with Frank’s shotgun. Way fun and something I wanted to do more of!

So now I’ve got a Marlin Model 60, an AK-47, and I’ll soon be adding a Remington 870 Express to the lineup 8)

Things just keep getting better :D !


New Acquisition For The Arsenal!!!

Yes, I have acquired a new firearm for my collection which now numbers precisely two :)

Century Arms’ catalog pic of my rifle - Click on this image to see it on its original page in a new window

Yes, it’s just the semi-auto, normal civilian, off the shelf version that only fires once per trigger pull :wink:

It all started with the thought that maybe I should get a new .17 HMR (.17 caliber Hornady Magnum Rimfire) bolt gun to go and have some fun with. Hey, for about $250 I could get something fun! Well, I started looking around and while at Bass Pro Shops’ fine gun room, I found a Turkish 8mm Mauser. From this inspiration I began looking at other old military rifles. After looking at the price of ammo, I decided I didn’t want an 8mm just yet.

I started thinking about getting something semi-auto after discovering pull-through cleaning systems which make cleaning from the breech much easier! Part of my reason for looking into a bolt action rifle was that I found my .22 semi-auto a pain to clean.

I briefly considered a new handgun, but the price of pistol ammo in .45 ACP and .40 S&W kept me away from anything but a .22 pistol. Then there’s the price of the handgun – .22s start at $350 for the model I was looking at and the .45s and .40s all started at about $400. And that’s before the ammo. 9mm for example at Bass Pro Shops is $50 for 250 rounds and .40 (my preferred round) is $81 for 250 rounds.

Back to rifles. I wanted something really fun to shoot. Full auto was out due to not having nearly enough $$$ and an automatic weapons ban enacted by my roommate. I’m not about to start a fight over that because I can’t afford one anyway. So now it’s been narrowed to semi-auto rifles with military heritage somewhere in the back of my mind. Research showed that AR-15s and their variants all start at $800 and go up from there (usually to $1,200 or more) and according to Dad, they need premium ammo to work right. Premium ammunition means paying the premium and I didn’t want to break the bank on an afternoon of putting holes in targets.

Dad got himself a Yugoslavian AK-47 under-folder (M70-AB2) when he moved back to Arizona from California. His reasons were the reasonable price (about $500), reasonable ammo prices, and it will feed just about any ammo you can buy. AK-47s are not generally known for their accuracy, but they are known for their reliability. I decided I wanted the full wood stock for the looks, added weight (less recoil), and usually a lower price. After reading quit a bit online, I decided I didn’t want a WASR-10 (cheap construction) and that a Yugoslavian model (M70-A1) was the one for me.

Knowing that Wal-Mart and Bass Pro Shops don’t carry anything remotely military in nature, I wandered on into The Gun Store on Tropicana. I wasn’t disappointed! There on the wall was my rifle – the Century Arms Yugoslavian AK-47 (model M70-A1). I thought about it for two nights and finally decided to go ahead and “pull the trigger” (so to speak) :wink:

It was just about two weeks ago that I took home my own Yugoslavian AK-47 from Century Arms. The Gun Store (link) earned my business by being the most patient, understanding, knowledgeable, and helpful guys in a place that carried what I was looking for. My AK cost around $500 and it was worth every penny.

So, how does it shoot? Great :thumb: !!! I’ve taken it out in the desert with a friend twice now and it’s a hoot and a half – just what I was looking for! The recoil isn’t bad, but there’s quite a bit of power where it counts. I’ll probably buy a few more magazines (it came with two 30 round magazines) just so I don’t have to stop as often to reload the magazines. My favorite targets so far have got to be (ridiculously cheap store brand) full cans of soda. Set a few up and there’s no doubt if you’ve hit them or not :) Dead center hits pretty much result in an instantly empty can with a mist of soda hanging in the air for a few seconds. End-on shots are pretty spectacular, too. My friend James managed to graze one of them on the top and even though it didn’t fall over, there was a shower of spray from the holes – at least until I took it out with a shot from my .22 :wink:

I can’t help but wonder just why this is legal in Nevada, but not in California. Setting aside California’s 10 round magazine limit, my rifle’s 7.62x39mm round is chambered in other rifles and is not all that powerful – just go ask any gunsmith or look at the ammo itself at Wal-Mart. Other semi-auto rifles are legal. For some reason, California has decided that semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines and pistol grips must be kept away from civilians. While I fail to see any reason for this, it’s another reason I’m glad to live in Nevada where they trust their citizens :thumb: !

Sorry, no video yet, but it should be coming soon 8)
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