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Reno Racing Plate

I got my real license plates on a while back, but haven’t gotten around to showing them off online. I’m not going to show the actual ones to everyone, but this gives you an idea of what they look like :)

Nevada Reno Air Racing License Plate

I just couldn’t miss out on having a Reno Air Racer on my car 8)


Finally – Arizona Trip Report With Pictures

I finally got around to writing this post :D It’s been ugly at work to say the least and I’ve just now found some time to go through and edit the pictures and get them ready for publication :)

Here’s the whole trip in a nutshell:

  • Saturday: Drive to Prescott from Las Vegas, buy 2 rifles at J&G Sales upon arriving, find my way to Mom and Dad’s place, unload and unpack, go for a drive with my brother, eat dinner, clean new guns, pass out dead asleep
  • Sunday: Shooting range closed until 1300 hours so head into town with Mom for breakfast at The Dinner Bell just off the town square, shop with Mom at the arts and crafts fair around the town courthouse, go home to collect guns and Dad, shoot almost everything we brought (forgot .22 ammo back at the house :doh: ), back to the house, eat dinner, watch some TV with family, try to surf internet, but keep falling asleep on keyboard, finally go to bed and pass out
  • Monday: Enjoy a fantastic breakfast with Mom, Dad, and Brother, pack, stop by J&G Sales to pick up a Mosin-Nagant 91/30 and a bayonet for the Steyr M-95, drive back to Las Vegas

Hit the jump for pictures and a few more details :)
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I’m John Wayne!

I don’t care who he says to blame, I blame Double Tapper for my finding this quiz and wasting part of my morning :)

Turns out I’m a John Wayne Western Bad Ass, but I also scored 100% for Clint Eastwood. I’ll take that result! :thumb:

Head on over and take the quiz yourself 8)

What Kind of a Western Bad-Ass are You?
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You scored as John Wayne

You a classic all American cowboy who does the right thing. When you’re sober. Which means occasionally. You like horses, the outdoors, whiskey, hot tempered women, whiskey, and bourbon.

Clint Eastwood


John Wayne


Charles Bronson


Lee Marvin


Lee Van Cleef



Don’t Get Much Better ‘N That

I was checking out my own blog to make sure things were working OK and looked right when I took a good look at this pic:

The Good Times

Yep, that’s one of the random header pics for this blog and I immediately thought about how that was one of the good times and it don’t get much better than that 8) You see, if you look on the left side of the pic there’s a whole row of F-14 Tomcats from VF-101 – the “Grim Reapers” and just beyond on the taxiway is an F-22 Raptor taxiing back after a flight.

This picture was taken back in November of 2004, just a couple of weeks after I moved from San Diego to Las Vegas. The 2004 airshow at Nellis – Aviation Nation 2004 – was the last airshow where the mighty F-14 Tomcat strutted its stuff anywhere but at Oceana NAS. It was one of the first times the F-22 flew for the public.

I sure do miss the Tomcat, but at least I got to see one of her last flights – see the post Tomcat’s Last West Coast Hurrah for a video of that flight :)

Last time, Baby :thumb: ! Tomcats and Raptors – it don’t get much better ‘n that :wink:

One other pic that just came up was this one:

Flying brick in full burner

Yep, that’s the mighty F-4 Phantom passing in front of the tower at Nellis in full earth-shaking, soul-quaking, ear-breaking afterburner :twisted: Add a Double Ugly to the Tomcat and Raptor and I’m pretty much set for the day :D

PS – Click on the pics for full size :wink:


Desert Rain 17 July 2008

It’s been really hot and really humid out here in Lost Wages, NV lately – the monsoon season is here. You really notice just how much it cools off when a passing thunderstorm shades everything and drops much needed water. I’ve liked thunderstorms for many years, but didn’t get to see them much in San Diego. Things are different out here in Las Vegas and I get to see quite a few thunderstorms during the monsoons.

Yesterday as I was driving home from work I noticed that it was raining a few miles up the 95 freeway and decided to just follow the road.

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Ever feel not so good in the morning or the night before? Did you think about calling in sick to work but figure you’ll go in because, well, the team needs you and it can’t be all that bad?

That was me this morning. I came in to work and it was that bad. Really.

Let this be a lesson to you – follow your feelings :P !


Dragging Myself to Work

Yep, I’ve got to get ready and be at work in 28 minutes or so.

Truth be told, I’d rather have a root canal.

But it pays the bills, right?

I wonder when the shooting park will finally open and how much they’ll pay…


The Drive to Arizona and Fun Gun Shopping

Yep, I made it safe and sound all the way from Las Vegas to Prescott, AZ :)

After a full five hours driving (I took the route through Laughlin due to a load of guns and ammo in the back – didn’t want to hassle with security at Hoover Dam), I pulled up to J&G Guns where Dad was waiting for me.

Ron was my salesperson who was just great – friendly and incredibly helpful. My only problem (aside from screwing up on three different 4470 forms) was trying to keep from breaking the bank! The prices are good, but so is the selection and someone like me could easily lose all self control and wind up with no money in a hurry :P

In the end I picked up a Swiss K31 (hand selected for name under butt plate), a Mosin M44 (1946 Izhevsk arsenal, hand select for outstanding mirror bore) and some ammo for to shoot today.

Gotta go for now, but there will be pics soon :thumb: !


Final Preparations

I’ll be leaving for Arizona within the next 90 minutes or so. I’m planning on going down through Laughlin and Bullhead City as I really don’t want to think about traffic over Hoover Dam today combined with the fact that I don’t want to even think about the questions I’d raise if anyone ever noticed that I have rifles and a pistol and all :wink: The whole trip should take four or five hours.

Wish me luck :) !



No, I didn’t go to a major display this year. I went to the local fireworks stand instead 8)

As a native of the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, I never had any of this growing up. Sure, these were the “safe and sane” variety, but they were really fun anyway and I didn’t have to worry about lighting a business on fire next to the parking lot!

Tomorrow won’t have fireworks, but look out for the AK-47s :thumb: !