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Kender’s Right Again

If Obama Gets Elected We Have Lost Our Soul

Go. Watch the video.


Career Stuff

Ever think you might need to make a change? Quick?

That’s me right now.

Must think this over…


Unexpected Loss

Ya know, losing someone you know always sucks in a big huge way. I’ve lost one person I know in the past year – Cindy’s dad who passed away after a long fight with infection following heart surgery – and that was bad enough. A couple of years ago, I lost a co-worker, Don, who passed away during heart surgery.

Both of those were expected.

Today I lost a good friend and colleague who I’ve known for nearly four years. I just got the news this morning that he passed away over the weekend. Thomas was always careful, always thinking of what is healthy and what’s not. This is just completely unexpected.

We don’t know what happened or how or why, just that it did.

Godspeed, Thomas and rest in peace.