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Piper and Gianna. You guys new they were coming!


Something to think about


Blatantly stolen from Theo Spark at Last of the Few.

Does give one cause to think.


Picture A Day – 29 September 2009

Nope, I sure didn’t post much today.  Been a bit tired.  And NCIS was on 8)

But mostly just tired.  There’s issues going on in the life of someone very close to me that I don’t necessarily want to air out over the entire gosh darned Internet, but which have me not sleeping quite so well.

But at least I got this post up :wink:

29 September 2009 - Verifying the accuracy of the gas pumps

29 September 2009 - Verifying the accuracy of the gas pumps

I think they check the accuracy of all the gas pumps about once a year, but I’m not sure.  I do wish there were some way to compensate for temperature across the nation and whatnot, but I guess that’s asking a bit much.  I saw this guy checking out the pumps at a Rebel station while I was picking up carbonated caffeine :P

I wonder, just how much does gasoline expand when it’s heated to over 110° in the summer?  Remember that a gallon of cold gasoline is more dense and hence has more energy than a gallon of hot gasoline.  That means the colder gas will take you farther and you’ll see better mileage.

Oh well, at least I know that they check to make sure that what the pump says is a gallon of gas actually is a gallon of gas :)

Have fun out there :mrgreen:


Budman’s response to my belly picture

From  Budman in an email the other day.
MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s the weirdest look’n belly-button I have ever seen !!!!! hey you need to lose some weight too ! couldn’t they have removed some while you were under ???????  :-$
The above is the response I received from an old Shipmate from Whidbey Island, Washington when I sent him a picture of my belly with the incisions, staples and such.
Sailor humor, it is a thing unto itself.
And I will only post the picture that Budman is refering to if and when Kath will accede to it. It isn’t bad but it isn’t pretty.

This one is for Kath!

Piper in a Bucket

Here is a cute and cuddly for you! This is our youngest grand-daughter, Piper.


Picture(s) A Day – 28 September 2009

So today it was time to go get some food for Ziva which means a trip to Exotic Pets :)

Sorry, Kath, but it’s not all cute & furry critters this time :P  I do love going to this free zoo where you can even take the little beasties home with you.

On with the pictures :D

28 September 2009 - Ridgetail monitor lizard - $299.99

28 September 2009 - Ridge tail monitor lizard - $299.99

Ridge tail monitors don’t get all that big and don’t look like they’d be difficult to care for, but I don’t have the money or the space for a two foot long lizard right now :wink:  They do look pretty cool 8)

28 September 2009 - Bearded dragons - $49.95

28 September 2009 - Bearded dragons - $49.95

Bearded dragons are also pretty cool customers.  They do take a bit of care to keep, but not much compared to some other reptiles.  They don’t get too big and they’re usually pretty docile :)

28 September 2009 - Gargoyle gecko - $49.95

28 September 2009 - Gargoyle gecko - $49.95

This is a gargoyle gecko and I just might have to get one of these guys in the future :D  They don’t have much in the way of special requirements, they make cool noises, they’re pretty tame, they don’t get very big, and there’s even a commercial diet for them 8)

28 September 2009 - Ground squirrel - $50.00

28 September 2009 - Ground squirrel - $50.00

28 September 2009 - Ground squirrel - $50.00

28 September 2009 - Ground squirrel - $50.00

Yes, Kath, those two pictures are for you :wink:  I did take some other pics of cute critters, but they didn’t really turn out too well.

28 September 2009 - Water monitor - $129.95

28 September 2009 - Water monitor - $129.95

28 September 2009 - Water monitor - $129.95

28 September 2009 - Water monitor - $129.95

I can’t say just how cool these guys are 8)  They’re only about a foot long here, but I don’t think even the relatively low price can lure me to buy one.  While they’re tame, they’ve got some big time requirements when it comes to caring for them.


Please keep in mind before choosing a Water monitor as your next animal that this is the largest commercially available lizard. You should expect your cute baby Water to be a full grown 6 ft adult, 65-75 pounds, if not more, and you need to be prepared, not just with caging and feeding strategies, but economical strategies as well. Feeding and housing such a large animal is no cheap venture.

That is not to say that Water monitors are to be avoided, for they are honestly one of the tamest monitors available, and have great personalities along with terrific interaction potential.

Well, after thinking on it, I might get a crested gecko, or maybe a gargoyle gecko sometime in the future.  For now, I’ll stick with Ziva 8)

Have fun, everyone :mrgreen:


One week update and such

Wow, has it been a week already? But most of last Monday and Tuesday are still lost. I still haven’t had a cigarette since the night before the surgery. The daughter is most pleased. With being unable to even think about one for four days, it was almost a natural progression.

I did take a few snapshots of the stomach this morning. However, in deference to a request by Kath, I will not post any of them here. I have sent some to old friends, shipmates and fellow railroaders that would not be upset by them. Suffice to say that laughing lately, can hurt. One old Intruder guy I know told me it was the wierdest belly button he had ever seen….and that maybe they should have removed some of the fat that hangs over the belt. It is an old Navy Airdale thing.

The urologist’s scheduler was not in today. I need to make the appointment for that other fun evolution………..getting the staples removed. I still have to use the percosette, once in awhile. I did have to sort of keep tabs on grand-daughter Piper. Daughter showed up to mow the yard. Grandpa gave her some apple slices and graham crackers with milk. The sometime sudden directional changes that a 20 month old can hit you with are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It may take the entire month following the surgery but things are progressing in a very positive manner.

UPDATE: The Staples come out on Thursday, 01 October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, If You Want To Talk About Fall!

It is so much cooler this morning, almost — just almost — crisp, but not quite. We’re getting there.

These are pictures of my backyard. You can see everything is still green, but trust me, it won’t be for long. See the one tree behind the tall pine that’s already started to change? And some of the others have just started, too.



 Fall and Flowers 022

Fall and Flowers 017


This is my absolute favorite time of the year, just warm enough in the days and then just cool enough in the evenings. Tons of stars in the heavens and all’s right with the world.


Last Post of the Day – Jimmy Buffett – Boat Drinks

I’ve said it before, but its true and bears repeating – Las Vegas is a land of extremes.  While we’re about to welcome fall, that season doesn’t last very long here.

As summers are blazing hot, winters are downright freaking cold!!!  Yes, we had a decent amount of snow last year.  I’ve also seen weather that has frozen the fountains on The Strip and kept them that way for a few days :shock:

And as “King of Somewhere Hot” is my Jimmy Buffett song for the summer, “Boat Drinks” is my song for the winter 8)


“It was February in Boston, and I was cold and wanted to go home. Rum and tonic was the antifreeze, and the newspaper was full of ads for warmer climates. I was in a place owned by Derek Sanderson, who was a very famous player for the Boston Bruins in the 70’s. I came out of the bar and couldn’t find a cab except for the one that was running in front of a nearby hotel. There was no driver in it, and I was too cold to think about the consequences. There is an old Navy expression which says, “Beg forgiveness, not permission.” I hopped in and drove the cab back to my hotel. I did leave the fare on the seat.” – Jimmy

Some of my favorite lines and phrases are in this song :)  “I’ve got to fly to Saint Somewhere” is constant inspiration, but everyone I know is truly thankful I’ve never shot six holes in my freezer :P

First we have the lyrics:

Boat Drinks by Jimmy Buffett

Boat drinks Boys in the band ordered boat drinks
Visitors just scored on the home rink
Everything seems to be wrong

Lately, newspaper mentioned cheap airfare
I’ve got to fly to Saint Somewhere
I’m close to bodily harm

Twenty degrees and the hockey games on
Nobody cares they are way too far gone
screamin’ “Boat drinks,” somethin’
to keep them all warm

This morning I shot six holes in my freezer
I think I got cabin fever
Somebody sound the alarm
I’d like to go where the pace or life’s slow
Could you beam me somewhere, Mister Scott?
Any old place here on Earth or in space
You pick the century and I’ll pick the spot

I know I should be leaving this climate
I got a verse but can’t rhyme it
I gotta go where it’s warm

Boat drinks
Waitress, I need two more boat drinks
Then I’m headin south ‘fore my dream shrinks
I gotta where it’s warm

I gotta go where it’s warm
I gotta go where it’s warm
I gotta go where there ain’t any snow
where there ain’t any blow
’cause my fin sinks so low
I gotta go where it’s warm

And then we’ve got video of Jimmy performing this song live in Paris, France :D

Yeah, boat drinks on a cold day sound pretty good :wink:

Have a great day tomorrow, even if it is Monday :mrgreen:


Fall Is Finally Arriving!!!

I seriously can't wait for Wednesday!!!

I seriously can't wait for Wednesday!!!

It seems strange when I think about it, but perceptions can be that way sometimes.  It felt like summer would never end and yet it really wasn’t all that long.

Back on 6 June 2009, I went shooting in the desert and it was a truly glorious day :D  The temperature was in the 70s and rain showers drifted across the desert.

A month later, it was freaking blazing out in the desert north of Las Vegas as I celebrated Independence Day.

Fast forward another month and Mom and Dad came to visit :D  We went shooting and did a few other things and we were thankful that the temps were only about 100° that day.

It was still about 105° at the beginning of this month.

Summer may not have been as endless as I thought it was while it lasted, but Wednesday and Thursday will certainly be welcome 8)