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Run to Ridgecrest-DMV

I went to the Ridgecrest DMV today to get a temporary handicapped parking placard. It’s the red one. It seems the capsulitis and the plantar faciitis and even the neuropathy all can do that. The first two are the reason the podiatrist signed it off. She does not give permanent ones. I decided to give […]


Lonesome Lenticular over The Southeast Kern County Desert

This is looking to the north and the Rand Mountains and the East Slope of The Sierra Nevada Mountains. I took these with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smart Phone.


Storm In The Desert

We are having some weather here in The Used To Be Golden State…………………. I took these this afternoon, on the way home from work. Got my box of stuff to take to the new hangar and called out sick. My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 does take pretty good pictures


MCAS Miramar Air Show 2014

It was hot. Really Hot. Really Damn Hot. So were the Hooters Gals. For your perusal and enjoyment a selection of pictures from the day.   As the reader will notice, I have some Rule Five pictures……………..The Hooters Girls and a couple of gals I saw walk by. What do you expect? I am an […]


Missus ORPO and I went to the Central Coast this past weekend

The Missus and I went to the Central Coast this past weekend. Affordable lodging at Vandenberg AFB. We hit Pismo Beach and Oceano Dunes. The Monarch Butterfly Grove was quite interesting. The wind was very strong on the beach though. We did walk it for quite awhile. The wind surfers were out as well as […]


Storm a coming!

    Storm to the East. We got wind and blowing sand and dirt. It sprinkled for a bit and that was all. Live in the Kern County Desert!   


Some pics from yesterday, 23 July

We had some good sized storms build to the north yesterday. This is one of those days that makes living in The Kern County Desert worth it.


Yard Stuff and Wind

I built some box planters this past weekend. The materials are 7&5/8″ by 6′ fence planks, 2 by 2s and wood screws. The Frog is back out from the back yard. Yesterday was rough with the wind and blowing sand/dust. The 14 Freeway was closed from just south of Rosamond at Avenue A to Avenue […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 3 to 5 November 2011 – First SoCal Motorcycle Trip

I said I’d try to catch up on posts and here’s proof!  I’ve got about ten more that have pics uploaded and just need to be written, but I’m going to take a break soon to go for a Christmas ride I’ve known Kristen for quite a few years now and I met her fiance […]


The Antelope Valley

On the way home from my eye exam at the VA Ambulatory Facility in Sepulveda, I stopped at the scenic overlook above Palmdale. Took a few pictures. Hope everyone enjoys them. I think the mark on the hill in the one is the San Andreas Fault. From checking the maps I can find, it seems […]