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Coleman 425B – Finishing Touches

So, it’s coming down to the finishing touches now I’ve got the stove painted Rustoleum aluminum and I’m planning on using some flat black model paint (brush on variety) to make faux panel and rivet/screw lines.  Now, the original plan was to go with some nose art similar to what you see below: That’s still […]


Memories From the Closet

So, I’ve been packing for quite a while.  I know I’m glacial in my pace, but I’m getting it done One of the reasons I’ve been taking so long to get this done is that I’ve been going through stuff and deciding what to throw away, what to keep, what’s important within that stuff. I […]


5 October 2011 – Road Runners at the Little A’Le’Inn

Wow! It’s been how long since I posted something here ? Life’s been a bit busy and tiring as usual, but I wanted to finally get a couple of posts published for a change The Road Runners Internationale are a special group of people.  They’re the men who built the base at Groom Dry Lake, […]


Picture(s) A Day – 26 July 2010

I’m finally getting around to going through some of the boxes in my apartment and I’m finding some pretty cool stuff   Just the other day I found most of my patch collection and I was wondering what to do with ’em… And then I remembered all the space I have on the walls of […]


Picture(s) A Day – 26 June 2010

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I finally managed to get a few pictures for y’all Saving money has been my biggest concern lately – I’ve even refrained from shooting for the most part   Yeah, the Strip has been off limits for the most part   Still, trips to Infinite Arms […]


Cool Stuff Related to Black Projects in Nevada

If you’ve been around this site for any length of time, you should know by now that I’m a fan of just about all the stuff that goes on in Nevada that can be described as “black” or Top Secret.  I’ve actually been fascinated with these things since long before I moved to Las Vegas, […]


U-2 Reconnaissance Jets Still Flying

I came across an article over on and thought it should be shared as widely as possible.  It seems that Congress had a decent thought for a change and has directed the USAF to delay the retirement of its U-2 reconnaissance jets for a while longer.  They’re still great jets with over 100 projected […]


My Favorite F-117 Pictures Evah! (Retroactive Picture of the day for 10 May 2009)

I stumbled across the first picture in this post again while I was working on the all black and white picture post. It’s one of my favorite ever pictures of the F-117. I figured I’d share the rest of the pictures from that series here These pictures were taken at MCAS Miramar during the night […]