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15 November 2014 – Cold, Gray, and Windy

OK, so the whole day wasn’t this way.  I was out on my motorcycle earlier and it was cold and windy, but it was also sunny  After I dropped by home to take care of some stuff, it got gray and it reminded me of one of my favorite songs: I remember when Hazy Shade […]



I moved from Las Vegas, NV to central Utah back in June of 2012.  Around the beginning of July 2012, my right side saddlebag fell off of my motorcycle and I couldn’t find it.  I was angry, frustrated, and more than a little sad when I had to switch to a backpack.  Luggage is much […]


Gotta Love Zippo Lighters!

I was going through links from somewhere and I came across one regarding Zippo lighters and their usefulness in a survival situation.  I thought, “Hey! I have one of those!” My Zippo is a plain one that’s just brushed metal.  That said, it still is a Zippo I went down and got it out, filled […]


10 Nov 2014 – Shaving Update

So, I’m still using my cheap boar bristle shaving brush with the Van Der Hagen shave soap and my vintage Gillette Fat Handle Tech razor.  The big news since I posted last is that I figured out what brand of blades I like Now, there are people who like just about every brand out there. […]


MCAS Miramar Air Show 2014

It was hot. Really Hot. Really Damn Hot. So were the Hooters Gals. For your perusal and enjoyment a selection of pictures from the day.   As the reader will notice, I have some Rule Five pictures……………..The Hooters Girls and a couple of gals I saw walk by. What do you expect? I am an […]


27 September 2014 – My New Shaving Brush!

So, as my few readers know by now, I’ve switched to a double edge razor from an electric.  I actually started out on cartridge razors, but the cartridges were (and still are) EXPEN$IVE!!!  I got an electric shaver quite a while back which saved a ton in cartridge replacement costs, but it had its own […]


17 September 2014 – Shaving, Shaving Soap, and Improvisation

So, I guess I could also have titled this something like “Wet Shaving – The Adventure Continues” and it would have worked  It’s definitely different from electric shavers and nowhere near a cartridge system.  It takes skill, patience, persistence, and no little bit of courage as you put a really rather sharp and minimally protected […]


9 September 2014 – Gillette Tech – First Shave

So, I just had my first shave with that new Gillette Tech razor I just got.  I made sure to prep my beard a bit better by keeping it wet during my shower and shaving afterward this time.  Nothing fancy involved here – Just canned Barbasol shave foam, a Dollar General re-branded Personna blade, and […]


My New Used Razor – Early Gillette “Fat Handle” Tech

So, some of my readers might recall from a previous post that I’m switching from electric shavers to old school double edge razors for a few reasons.  I’d even ordered an inexpensive razor from eBay.  I’d thought I was getting a Weishi which had good reviews, but it was actually a Nanjie.  That inexpensive razor is just […]