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12 June 2013 – Wisdom From the Internet

I agree with everything on there, but I’d go further. Term limits for everyone in the House and Senate.  One or two terms.  It’s a service, not a career. All Senators and Representatives will make minimum wage.  It’s a service, not a career. There will be no special medical, retirement, or other side benefits for […]


Hits Just Keep On Coming For Newspaper Delivery Women

Remember when the LAPD shot up a pickup truck with a couple of innocent newspaper delivery ladies in it back during the whole Chris Dorner situation?  Remember how the cops said they’d give the ladies a new truck? It doesn’t look like that’s quite gonna work out.  From NBC Los Angeles: According to Jonas, LAPD […]


Student Suspended For Disarming Gunman

From Fox News in Florida: The teen we spoke to and authorities both confirm the Revolver was loaded. According to the arrest report the suspect, who Fox 4 is not naming because he is a minor, was “pointing the gun directly” at another student and “threatening to shoot him.” That’s when the student we spoke […]


Americans Handle Budgeting & Spending Cuts Better Than Congress

From Fox News: Americans are a lot better at belt-tightening than the people they send to Washington. As Americans’ income fell by 3.6 percent in January, President Obama and Congressional leaders were warning of the dire consequences of sequester, the budgetary booby trap that forces cuts of as little as a third of that from […]


Senator: Obama’s Golf Weekend With Tiger Cost As Much As 341 Federal Workers Furloughed

From the Weekly Standard: “While the White House operatives may think this attack is clever, it betrays an astonishing elitism: the federal government is perfect and requires no reform. That is why they have no plan to make our government leaner and more efficient. The President had 18 months to develop reforms to improve the […]


Obama Judicial Nomination Held Up Because Of Evidence Suppression

From David Codrea on These former Deming gun dealers have undergone a nightmare ordeal for the past year-and-a-half on charges they were ultimately acquitted of or had dismissed, except for a handful of remaining counts, where they were held responsible for federal agents lying on firearms purchases. Following revelations that neither the defense nor […]


Sen. Feinstein Removes All Doubt & Proves She’s An Idiot

I found this on The Truth About Guns today. These labels are gross misrepresentations.  A barrel shroud is just the forward hand guard.  That barrel gets hot after a few rounds – the part about “spray firing” is a total load of manure.  And that collapsible stock is much more useful when two shooters who […]


Paperwork Prosecutions For Dealers, But Not For Felons

From Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea: “Nearly 80,000 Americans were denied guns in 2010, according to Justice Department data, because they lied or provided inaccurate information about their criminal histories on background-check forms,” The New York Times reported in January. “Yet only 44 of those people were charged with a crime.” “How many prosecutions “have […]


Another Patriot Unfairly Punished

I just found an article that made my blood boil.  From Todd Starnes at Fox News Radio: A Texas high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against her school and her teachers after she was punished for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance. The Thomas More Law Center filed the […]


New York Alderman Goes Full Idiot

A Second Amendment activist named Joanna emailed New York Alderman Dave Marston to advise him that she would be at a public meeting and to express her views about civilian disarmament.  Marston’s reply was shared at Mental Recession, but I’ve decided to post it here as well for my readers’ convenience: Dear Joanna Johnson-Smith, Its […]