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4 July 2013 – Voyages on Two Wheels & Adventures With Ember

Well, that was a very tiring, but (mostly) fun day I started Independence Day with the goal of playing with my daughter, going shooting, going for a ride, and playing with pyrotechnics.  Somehow all of those goals were accomplished over the course of the day Cindy, Ember, and I started the day by picking up […]


The Lies That Gun Grabbers Tell

Lots of good information in this one for my gun friendly friends When a group or organization seeks to establish any social policy, it helps tremendously if that group remains honest in their endeavor. If its members are forced to lie, tell half-truths or use manipulative tactics in order to fool the masses into accepting […]


Hypocrisy Illustrated

From Before It’s News: This is what a Bloomberg hired gun control lobbyist looks like shooting a DPMS .308 rifle with a 20-round magazine.  He looks like he is having a pretty good time right? This photo of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s top gun-control lobbyist Adam Eichberg has surfaced of him participating in a ‘watermelon shoot’ at the farm of Colorado […]


Obama’s Former Secret Service Agent On Guns

Obama and Biden don’t know much about guns except that they don’t like them. Their Secret Service agents, on the other hand, know quite a lot about them.


Proof Gun Control Doesn’t Work

I can’t think of much more to add Hat tip to Weapon Blog


Student Suspended For Disarming Gunman

From Fox News in Florida: The teen we spoke to and authorities both confirm the Revolver was loaded. According to the arrest report the suspect, who Fox 4 is not naming because he is a minor, was “pointing the gun directly” at another student and “threatening to shoot him.” That’s when the student we spoke […]


Your Own Private Tank!

From the Wall Street Journal: PORT LAVACA, Texas—Weapons buffs may stock semiautomatics in the gun safe. But nothing makes a statement like having an Army tank in the garage. Scattered around the country are members of a small fraternity of guys who own tanks. They are hyper-avid history buffs or hyper-edgy investors or just wealthy […]


Obama Judicial Nomination Held Up Because Of Evidence Suppression

From David Codrea on These former Deming gun dealers have undergone a nightmare ordeal for the past year-and-a-half on charges they were ultimately acquitted of or had dismissed, except for a handful of remaining counts, where they were held responsible for federal agents lying on firearms purchases. Following revelations that neither the defense nor […]


Colorado Bill Would Ban Remington 870 Pump Shotgun

From the CBS station in Denver, CO: Another example of the law of unintended consequences.  Colorado is going all out on magazine restrictions and they managed to include the Remington 870 which is one of the most popular hunting shotguns of all time.


Maybe I Should Re-Join the NRA

From Jim Barrett at The Truth About Guns: Politicians and the gun control lobby fear the NRA with good reason. And this is with only 5 million members. What would happen if the NRA grew to 30 million or even 60 million members? I suspect that we’d see a lot fewer politicians on the national, […]