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The Last Navy Prowlers

VAQ-134, The Garudas have completed the last active deployment of the Venerable Grumman EA-6B Prowler. I was a young Airman Apprentice serving aboard USS Independence CV-62 as Fly One Blueshirt on the Flight Deck when VAQ-132 came aboard as part of Carrier Air Wing Seven…………..This was the first shipboard deployment for the Prowler…………………………Spring 1974……………………………I was […]


Scrapped for a penny: USS Forrestal, Navy’s first supercarrier, begins final voyage The U.S. Navy’s first supercarrier — the long-decommissioned Forrestal — has begun its final voyage to a Texas scrapyard, after the Pentagon tried to sell it, found no takers and had to pay a penny to get rid of it.  


Daily Afternoon Randomness (37 HQ Photos) from The Brigade

Keep Calm and Chive On


11 April 2013 – Heads Up For a Great Event!

 So, I got a message today from one of my readers who’s also a fan of the late Neptunus Lex.  Jason’s a great guy & I’ve gotten to know him on Facebook over the past year or so.  He’s a conservative who’s currently stuck in Chicagostan, but I won’t hold that against him Jason asked […]


First In-Flight Radio Transmission

People who fly tend to be a bit different from the rest of the population.  That’s why I was amused but not surprised by the first ever in-flight radio transmission From Aviation Humor: In 1910 airman Walter Wellman and five companions attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the airship America. He was also accompanied […]


Rev. Sharpton on the Second Amendment

I found an article that goes along with the above picture.  Here’s a link to that article and here are a few quotes: “Absolutely, I mean if you look at the Second Amendment it was that you would have militia to protect yourself in case the government came and attacked citizens,” he responded. “First of all, if […]


7 December 2012 – Rember Pearl Harbor

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave a speech following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 71 years ago today.  Documentaries always seem to include photos of the devastation on Battleship Row and the part of Roosevelt’s speech which says “A date which will live in infamy” but we don’t often hear or read the rest of that […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 10 August 2011 – Burros and Bikes in the Desert

Yes, I’ve gotten a bit of energy today if you hadn’t already noticed   I don’t know what happened, but I’m sure as heck not gonna complain about it   I got out of work today and figured I’d just go for a short ride out to the Red Rock Canyon Overlook which is only […]


More Awesome Utah – Images From My Visit – June 2011

Folks, I’ve been remiss for failing to post these pics much sooner than this.  Between a busted computer along with life and motorcycle riding I’ve just been caught up in all sorts of stuff   I didn’t take the motorcycle on this trip for a few reasons like incredible heat, massive wind, and the fact […]


Red Tails – A Movie I Can’t Wait to See in the Theater!

I’ve paid admission at a movie theater once in the last three years.  That was a short time ago when I went to see the last of the Harry Potter movies.  Say what you want, I like the books and the films Red Tails tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen – the first black […]