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Pics from Red Flag 12-2

Kath will get to see my new haircut………………………………shaved head…………………………….


Heading to Utah – See Everyone Sometime Soon!

Well, it’s that time.  I have to finish packing and cleaning tonight.  I’ve got the rental truck parked outside and will have Cindy’s friends and family here to load it tomorrow.  We’re leaving Las Vegas on Sunday morning and should be up in Utah by the evening.  I can’t decide if Changing Channels or Changes […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 4 and 5 May 2012 – The Nearly Forgotten Post

Have you ever had one of those months when everything seems to get just a bit scrambled in your head?  Yeah, that’s about how I’ve been in May of 2012.  Of course, I think leaving my job of seven years, an impending move to another state, and having a daughter on the way kind of […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 26 May 2012 – Return to Red Rock Harley Davidson

So, I found out Red Rock Harley Davidson was having a free lunch yesterday.  Who am I to turn something like that down?  Free food and good looking motorcycles?  Yeah, I figured I could spend the $1.50 or so in gas The ride over to the dealer was surprisingly chilly (we were 108° just a […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 28 April 2012 – BMW Motorcycles of Las Vegas Open House

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I figure y’all will understand.  I finally had something really worth posting for a change, so I figured I’d do it while I had a few moments BMW Motorcycles of Las Vegas held an open house yesterday with free food and drink, free […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 17 March 2012 – Rain Makes A Ride Home Better

 There’s a lot going on in my life right now, but I’m going to try to post much more than I have so far this year The weather forecast in California over the weekend called for rain and the real world didn’t disappoint!  Management at work requested volunteers for some overtime over the weekend and […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 31 December 2011

Surprisingly good weather prevailed in Las Vegas for the last day of 2011   Of course, I took advantage of the weather and went for a motorcycle ride and had a most enjoyable time out in Red Rock canyon  I had hoped to ride through the scenic loop before going to the overlook on the […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 12 and 13 December 2011

Riding in the wet can be fun Seriously, I don’t know why I get so many confused looks when I say this, but it’s true for me.  I like riding when it’s raining or drizzling.  We get so much dry sunshine and clear skies here in Vegas that a wet day is a nice change […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 3 to 6 December 2011

And it looks like I’ve finally caught up to December  My brother came up to visit on my birthday and it was nice to see him   He was also kind enough to bring up my birthday and Christmas presents.  Birthday presents like the tool kit he gave me and the wind deflectors for my […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 19 November 2011 – Exotics in Red Rock Canyon

You really never know what you’ll see out in Red Rock Canyon These Ferraris are part of a rental program where people can see what it’s like to drive one without having a mortgage payment for a California mansion.  It looks like fun, but I don’t think I’ll spend $300+ for a few hours in […]