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4 October 2013 – A Cop With No Complaints

You know what’s amazing? A cop who has NO complaints against them in their personnel file  Congrats on an awesome record, Deputy Simmons, and thank you for your service and your attitude


Hits Just Keep On Coming For Newspaper Delivery Women

Remember when the LAPD shot up a pickup truck with a couple of innocent newspaper delivery ladies in it back during the whole Chris Dorner situation?  Remember how the cops said they’d give the ladies a new truck? It doesn’t look like that’s quite gonna work out.  From NBC Los Angeles: According to Jonas, LAPD […]


Cops Across America Agree – You’re On Your Own!

I don’t know how many times I’ve told people this same thing, but it’s a bunch and it never really seems to sink in. When you call the cops, you’re on your own until they get there. And when you need a cop in seconds, they’re usually only a minute or two away.


Law Enforcement Officers Speak About Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Remember the other day when I posted about Sen. Feinstein saying that all the police and all the mayors support her new gun ban? Here’s proof she was lying through her teeth: Being a former LEO, I read the articles on Police One. Something that needs to be noted is that ONLY confirmed LEO’s are […]


Paperwork Prosecutions For Dealers, But Not For Felons

From Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea: “Nearly 80,000 Americans were denied guns in 2010, according to Justice Department data, because they lied or provided inaccurate information about their criminal histories on background-check forms,” The New York Times reported in January. “Yet only 44 of those people were charged with a crime.” “How many prosecutions “have […]


Indiana Sheriffs Deserve A Medal!!!

All of the current and recent “gun control” bills seek to impose limits on the capacity of ammunition magazines available to civilians. How well would those work? A Sheriff in Indiana decided to make a video of several demonstrations about just this topic: So, magazine capacity limits don’t work at all. Just like everyone in […]


Oakland – A Community Coming Together For Protection

From the CBS local station in San Francisco: OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – Oakland’s crime problems have gotten so bad that some people aren’t even bothering to call the cops anymore; instead, they’re trying to solve and prevent crimes themselves. KPIX 5 cameras caught up with a half dozen neighbors in East Oakland’s Arcadia Park neighborhood […]


Oakland, CA – Why Bother With Cops?

Oakland, CA isn’t a place I’d want to live. I’m sure the climate’s OK and Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, and the Palace of Fine Arts are right across the bay, but the politics aren’t exactly my speed. The crime rate and reactions to unpopular court decisions aren’t the greatest either. Now the city of Oakland […]


So, How’s That Border Security?

I’ve read from several sources in the federal government recently that the border is “as safe as it ever was” whatever that’s supposed to mean.  What many people don’t seem to understand or care about is that there’s a whole lot of land and not that many law enforcement officers to guard it.  People who […]



HOLY $*@% !!! From WBAL TV in Baltimore: PHILIP ELLIOTT Associated Press Writer POSTED: 11:03 am EDT May 28, 2010 UPDATED: 11:27 am EDT May 28, 2010 WASHINGTON — The White House confirms that it used former President Bill Clinton as an intermediary to discourage Rep. Joe Sestak’s Democratic primary challenge in the Pennsylvania Senate […]