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Businesses, Property, Guns, And Where to Draw The Lines

There’s been a push in many states to allow people to carry their guns in their cars. I know that in Utah and Nevada, a car is seen as an extension of someone’s home and you don’t even need a concealed carry permit to have a loaded gun in your car. We already have a […]


Paperwork Prosecutions For Dealers, But Not For Felons

From Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea: “Nearly 80,000 Americans were denied guns in 2010, according to Justice Department data, because they lied or provided inaccurate information about their criminal histories on background-check forms,” The New York Times reported in January. “Yet only 44 of those people were charged with a crime.” “How many prosecutions “have […]


Gun Laws – Unequal Execution

If you want to buy a new gun from a dealer in the USA, you have to fill out a Form 4473 and answer all questions truthfully.  Here’s Form 4473 in .pdf format. One of the questions is whether or not you’ve been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.  You don’t get the gun you want if you answer […]


Police Officer Commits Kidnapping and Sexual Assault – Chief & David Codrea Respond

Click here for David Codrea’s entire article on  I’ve excised a portion of the article for review: Chief Dan Drummond, which condemning the actions, was quick to point out these acts by an individual had no bearing on his department as a whole. And for those of us who reject collective guilt, he’s got […]


Straight Up Truth About Guns From David Hardy

David Hardy is a Constitutional attorney who specializes in the Second Amendment.  He argued before the Supreme Court in the Heller and McDonald cases.  And he won. He’s back in front of Congress again tomorrow to testify regarding Sen. Feinstein’s latest gun control proposal.  Here’s his written statement. Take the couple of minutes to read it […]


“Feminist” Says Guns Not Good For Rape Prevention

Click here to see what I’m talking about. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.


Why You Shouldn’t Trust Biden’s Advice

So, Joe Biden was talking about guns a couple of days ago when he gave some of the worst advice I’ve ever heard regarding firearms. Here’s some video of it that the NRA used to make an ad that’s not nearly as aggressive as I’d have liked to have seen: According to John Garey (defense […]


Oakland, CA – Why Bother With Cops?

Oakland, CA isn’t a place I’d want to live. I’m sure the climate’s OK and Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, and the Palace of Fine Arts are right across the bay, but the politics aren’t exactly my speed. The crime rate and reactions to unpopular court decisions aren’t the greatest either. Now the city of Oakland […]


So, How’s That Border Security?

I’ve read from several sources in the federal government recently that the border is “as safe as it ever was” whatever that’s supposed to mean.  What many people don’t seem to understand or care about is that there’s a whole lot of land and not that many law enforcement officers to guard it.  People who […]



HOLY $*@% !!! From WBAL TV in Baltimore: PHILIP ELLIOTT Associated Press Writer POSTED: 11:03 am EDT May 28, 2010 UPDATED: 11:27 am EDT May 28, 2010 WASHINGTON – The White House confirms that it used former President Bill Clinton as an intermediary to discourage Rep. Joe Sestak’s Democratic primary challenge in the Pennsylvania Senate […]