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13 May 2014 – Stress, Tragedy, and Fishing

Folks, I apologize.  I had planned to get this written a while back, but it got set aside and forgotten for a while.  I figured I could fix that and get it published now So, back a couple of weeks ago I managed to get a few hours of fishing in and got a few […]


10 May 2014 – Keepers!

Ya know, things have just been busy and cruddy here.  Between losing my job, job hunting, cutting daycare back to two days a week due to costs, and a whole bunch of nasty stuff going on behind the scenes, I’m about to lose what part of my mind I had left. Today was the first […]


3 May 2014 – Finally Fishing Again

So, I finally got to go fishing again this evening. The last time I got to go was Friday, April 25. Part of the problem has been weather related (winds gusting to 45 MPH or so) and the other problem has been that things are BUSY with job hunting and other stuff happening behind the […]


Job Hunting – Again

Well, today was supposed to be a day off.  I was going to play with Ember, fix her breakfast and maybe we could meet up with Cindy for lunch.  Maybe do… Something. Sadly, it was not to be.  I will not share details here (not many if I wanted to), but suffice it to say […]


Another New Rod and Reel Combo – The Zebco Dock Demon!

So, let’s see here…  I’ve got my Zebco 33 Platinum combo, the Zebco 11 Authentic combo, a B&M bamboo cane pole, and 12′ and 10′ telescoping Shakespeare crappie rods.  Oh yeah – I’ve also got my Zebco 808 that’s on the Bill Dance Omega catfish pole that came with the reel I haven’t mastered yet […]


Fishing – Getting Started All Over Again

So, I’ve decided to get back into fishing again :)  Before hauling off and getting all new everything, I looked around to see what I could find around the house that survived a few moves. One thing I was able to find was my tackle box :cool:  There was quite a bit of stuff in […]


Sunday Morning Coffee

Since The Old Retired Petty Officer is on BP meds thanks to a hernia a few years ago having it go in a vertical climb, I have been reduced to a lower caffeine intake. Folger’s Half Caff is the normal for six days a week. Sunday Morning is a bit different. I have developed an […]


20 February 2014 – Restoration via Riding and Rock & Roll

I took this pic when I got back from lunch today. I’ve been pretty darn sick since about 12 February.  It started with an icky feeling and a scratchy eye.  It turned into upper and lower respiratory infections with a side of double eye infection.  I wasn’t feeling too good the following day and left […]


In The Snail Mailbox on Friday the 6th

I got my findings and determinations from The Department Of Veterans Affairs, Huntington WV Regional Center. I got my claim sent there when I reopened it in January of 2012. The LA Regional Center, where I actually live has the highest back log of returning wounded Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan than any other. There […]


26 May 2013 – Ember & A Trip to Salt Lake City, UT

So, I actually had Sunday and Memorial Day off this past weekend :)  I usually only have a Sunday off when I work a Saturday, but the holiday gave me a little extra time to rest.  Cindy had a three day weekend, so we headed up to Salt Lake City on Sunday…  I don’t know […]