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12 June 2013 – Great Stuff From Rand Paul at Fox News

Rand Paul (Republican Senator from Kentucky) was on a tear in an opinion piece he wrote for Fox News! From the article: President Obama says, “You can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience.” But we couldn’t have 100 percent security even if we turned America into a […]


12 June 2013 – Wisdom From the Internet

I agree with everything on there, but I’d go further. Term limits for everyone in the House and Senate.  One or two terms.  It’s a service, not a career. All Senators and Representatives will make minimum wage.  It’s a service, not a career. There will be no special medical, retirement, or other side benefits for […]


Offshore Wind Power – Good Reasons Not To Go There

There’s an interesting article over at Stop the ACLU regarding why the U.S. doesn’t have a bunch of offshore wind turbines for electrical power production.  Click here if you’d like to learn something new I’m personally much more in favor of clean coal


Obama Judicial Nomination Held Up Because Of Evidence Suppression

From David Codrea on These former Deming gun dealers have undergone a nightmare ordeal for the past year-and-a-half on charges they were ultimately acquitted of or had dismissed, except for a handful of remaining counts, where they were held responsible for federal agents lying on firearms purchases. Following revelations that neither the defense nor […]


DNC won’t repay Duke Energy for Charlotte convention costs

From the Washington Times: The Democratic National Committee has no plans to repay Duke Energy for an unprecedented $10 million line of credit it guaranteed to help the Democratic convention’s local host committee put on President Obama’s three-day nominating convention in Charlotte, N.C., last September. A Duke company official said the company was claiming the […]


About That Sequester…

Reality in the form of a comic strip Via Allen West on Facebook


Sen. Ted Cruz Kicks Ass While Defending Liberty and the Second Amendment

From Breitbart TV: Senator Ted Cruz cornered United States’ attorney John Walsh with statistics concerning the effectiveness of the assault weapons ban in the early 1990s. Although both witnesses conceded that the ban did not have a statistical effect on gun crime, both still believe it needs to be reactivated. Cruz kept pounding Walsh with […]


Oakland – A Community Coming Together For Protection

From the CBS local station in San Francisco: OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – Oakland’s crime problems have gotten so bad that some people aren’t even bothering to call the cops anymore; instead, they’re trying to solve and prevent crimes themselves. KPIX 5 cameras caught up with a half dozen neighbors in East Oakland’s Arcadia Park neighborhood […]


Contact Your Legislators And Take A Stand

Remington has made it easy to do in about a minute or so.  Click here and do a little something to help fight for your rights. Here’s a big THANK YOU to Remington for doing their patriotic duty and finding a way to be part of the solution.


On the Sequester…

Admit it.  You’d love to see the faces of every member of Congress if they found out this were true.