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31 December 2014 – Endorsements Done!!!

Well, I had to go back up north yesterday.  The weather wasn’t great, but I had to go to the Draper, UT DLV to test for my endorsements since that’s where I started my CDL process. I had three “written” tests to take on the computer.  The tanker and double/triple trailer endorsement tests were 20 questions […]


30 November 2014 – Yet Another Circumnavigation of the Solar System!

“This year gone by ain’t been a piece of cake!” PREACH IT, JIMMY   !!! Seriously, it’s been a tough year and that’s putting it mildly. That said, I still have Ember, I still have Cindy, I still have my family, still have my friends, and I’m still on the better side of the ground […]



I moved from Las Vegas, NV to central Utah back in June of 2012.  Around the beginning of July 2012, my right side saddlebag fell off of my motorcycle and I couldn’t find it.  I was angry, frustrated, and more than a little sad when I had to switch to a backpack.  Luggage is much […]


Gotta Love Zippo Lighters!

I was going through links from somewhere and I came across one regarding Zippo lighters and their usefulness in a survival situation.  I thought, “Hey! I have one of those!” My Zippo is a plain one that’s just brushed metal.  That said, it still is a Zippo I went down and got it out, filled […]


10 November 2014 – Ember Pics

Ya know what?  It’s been a while since I posted any pics of Ember. Let’s change that I just LOVE that smile Ember was so well behaved for her first haircut I’ll have more of Ember before long – I promise


17 September 2014 – Shaving, Shaving Soap, and Improvisation

So, I guess I could also have titled this something like “Wet Shaving – The Adventure Continues” and it would have worked  It’s definitely different from electric shavers and nowhere near a cartridge system.  It takes skill, patience, persistence, and no little bit of courage as you put a really rather sharp and minimally protected […]


My New Used Razor – Early Gillette “Fat Handle” Tech

So, some of my readers might recall from a previous post that I’m switching from electric shavers to old school double edge razors for a few reasons.  I’d even ordered an inexpensive razor from eBay.  I’d thought I was getting a Weishi which had good reviews, but it was actually a Nanjie.  That inexpensive razor is just […]


2 September 2014 – Switching Shaving Systems

So, I’ve had a bit of an issue with shaving lately.  My electric shaver has always given me issues, but it’s getting worse.  It’s causing irritation, ingrown hairs, and missing a bunch of spots among other things. I switched to an electric to save money over cartridge razors.  As you can see below from the […]


Fishing – Thursday Night’s Keeper and Some New Gear

So, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted.  Things happen, I don’t get to do much, don’t get to go fishing… You know the drill   Well, I managed to do a bit of fishing last night after work (it’s a 10 minute drive to the fairgrounds pond) and not only did I bring […]


From my Day on USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 on 9 April

I got the invite from blog bud Christopher Goodrich and his daughter, The WSO, to participate in The Family and Friends Day on the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. This was a really good day!