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Tyranny & Soda in New York

I found the above image on Facebook and thought it would be funny if it weren’t so true.  New York is trying to regulate soda the same way they regulate guns.  Did you know that not only can you not get a Big Gulp in the Big Apple, but that a pizza delivery person can […]


#EFAD – More From Matt Bracken – Murdergate – Gangster Government, and Sakharov’s Immunity

OK, so you’ve read the previous post about Operation #EFAD below, right? If not, go take a look and come back here. Assuming you’ve read that, you know about former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken and how he’s giving away free electronic copies of his book Enemies Foreign and Domestic to bring much needed attention to […]


OPERATION #EFAD – Former SEAL Matt Bracken Bringing Attention to Gunwalker

Matt Bracken is a former Navy SEAL and a current author.  He’s also a tireless fighter for the cause of Liberty.  His first ever book was Enemies Foreign And Domestic and I’m sure you won’t be surprised at why he says he wrote it: What the books are about, and why I wrote them: I […]


TSA – Congressional Staffers Hate Groping Too

From Politico: The comprehensive briefing of House staff, by a TSA deputy, covered everything – the threat from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, screening procedures, pat-downs (standard and enhanced) – “the whole works,” one House staffer who attended the briefing told POLITICO. He said that several House staffers were uncomfortable and averted their eyes […]


TSA – What About The Butt???

I’m going to put the rest of this post below the fold.  If you’re a “sensitive” reader, you probably shouldn’t go there


TSA – 20 Quotes From The Current Unpleasantness

It’s not often that I copy an entire article from anywhere.  I felt this merited such action due to the importance of the subject matter and I didn’t feel like I was stealing as it has been requested that this receive wide distribution.  This blog ain’t that big, but it’s the best means of mass […]


TSA – Watch Lists For Those Who Object

I found this over at the Northeast Intelligence Network. 23 November 2010: Following the publication of my article titled “Gate Rape of America,” I was contacted by a source within the DHS who is troubled by the terminology and content of an internal memo reportedly issued yesterday at the hand of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. […]


TSA or T&A – Day By Day Hits Another Home Run

I can’t think of too much to add to this one   Well done indeed, Mr. Muir


TSA – Why Politicians Aren’t As Outraged About The Strip And Grope

As you’ve no doubt noticed from my previous blog posts, I’m no fan at all of the TSA’s new scanner machines and “enhanced pat-down” procedures.  I think they’re an affront to the Constitution and a gross violation of many other rights.  The public is in an uproar about the whole situation and rightly so.  If […]


TSA – Morale Falling Among Transportation Safety Officers

I got an email about this from Dad.  Morale appears to be falling among the Transportation Safety Officers (TSOs) of the TSA and it’s directly connected to the perverted body scanners and “enhanced pat downs” that have been introduced lately. Here’s a couple of bits of the story from In the past few weeks […]