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Voyages on Two Wheels – 15 June 2013 – Outlaw Car Show in Helper, UT

So, it’s been a while since my last post.  Again.  Between work, my beloved 10 month old daughter, and all the rest of the stuff that takes up my time, blogging has had to fall back a bit. Yesterday saw Cindy, Ember, and myself out at the Outlaw Car Show in Helper, UT.  That’s just […]


12 June 2013 – Great Stuff From Rand Paul at Fox News

Rand Paul (Republican Senator from Kentucky) was on a tear in an opinion piece he wrote for Fox News! From the article: President Obama says, “You can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience.” But we couldn’t have 100 percent security even if we turned America into a […]


12 June 2013 – Wisdom From the Internet

I agree with everything on there, but I’d go further. Term limits for everyone in the House and Senate.  One or two terms.  It’s a service, not a career. All Senators and Representatives will make minimum wage.  It’s a service, not a career. There will be no special medical, retirement, or other side benefits for […]


19 April 2013 – Terrorist Captured!!!

Dzhokar Tsarnaev is still breathing, but he’s no longer terrorizing anyone.  He was captured today after making the world’s worst choice in getaway vehicles.  Yes, he was hiding in a boat on a trailer in someone’s back yard. Bravo Zulo and Sierra Hotel to all those who made this terrorist asshole’s capture happen so quickly. […]


19 April 2013 – Boston – Terror Attack & Manhunt

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about the attack on the Boston Marathon earlier this week. They may not know about the developments overnight. Law enforcement released photos of a pair of suspects yesterday and those suspects went on the rampage.  One law enforcement officer is dead and another in critical condition.  Please keep them in your prayers. […]


The Lies That Gun Grabbers Tell

Lots of good information in this one for my gun friendly friends When a group or organization seeks to establish any social policy, it helps tremendously if that group remains honest in their endeavor. If its members are forced to lie, tell half-truths or use manipulative tactics in order to fool the masses into accepting […]


Cops Across America Agree – You’re On Your Own!

I don’t know how many times I’ve told people this same thing, but it’s a bunch and it never really seems to sink in. When you call the cops, you’re on your own until they get there. And when you need a cop in seconds, they’re usually only a minute or two away.


Obama’s Former Secret Service Agent On Guns

Obama and Biden don’t know much about guns except that they don’t like them. Their Secret Service agents, on the other hand, know quite a lot about them.


Proof Gun Control Doesn’t Work

I can’t think of much more to add Hat tip to Weapon Blog


Americans Handle Budgeting & Spending Cuts Better Than Congress

From Fox News: Americans are a lot better at belt-tightening than the people they send to Washington. As Americans’ income fell by 3.6 percent in January, President Obama and Congressional leaders were warning of the dire consequences of sequester, the budgetary booby trap that forces cuts of as little as a third of that from […]