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Voyages on Two Wheels – 17 March 2012 – Rain Makes A Ride Home Better

 There’s a lot going on in my life right now, but I’m going to try to post much more than I have so far this year The weather forecast in California over the weekend called for rain and the real world didn’t disappoint!  Management at work requested volunteers for some overtime over the weekend and […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 13 August 2011 – Red Rock, Red Sunset

I know I’m catching up again, but in my defense I think I might be coming down with something.  I’m really not feeling well at all and I’ve been about three times as tired than I normally am.  At least I’m getting the pictures posted within a few days of when they’re taken I’d had […]


Still More OVERTIME! 8 Hours on 5 February 2011

Some people continue to say I’m barking mad, stark raving bonkers, or just bat guano crazy due to my continued choices to work somewhat obscene amounts of overtime.  I’ve gotten to the point where I really don’t think it matters how much overtime I work, I’m just going to keep on truckin’ and power through […]



So, I answered an email from a member of management a few days ago and said that yes, I was greedy/stupid/whacked-out enough to take on eight hours of overtime tonight.  He called me tonight and asked if I would be interested in coming in for another eight hours tomorrow.  I agreed.  That’s sixteen hours of […]


Hooray For Overtime! HOORAY FOR TIME OFF!!!

Folks, it’s been a bit of a rough patch lately with all the overtime at work, but it looks like I’ve finally made it out of the woods   Yeah, I might be jinxing myself and it could start raining in California again, but I can’t control the weather right   OK, so I volunteered […]


Picture(s) A Day(s) – 7 to 9 January 2011

Well, it was a busy weekend including Friday.  We only worked 10 hours – 0700-1700 for me.  I don’t like getting up that early, but I’ll do it when I have to.  I managed to get through the day alright and I even got to go to New Frontier Armory / Infinite Arms At least […]


Picture(s) A Day – 4 January 2011 – Fuji Finepix XP10 Night Testing

Well, another 10 hour day is in the books and I have another one to deal with tomorrow.  The 10 hour days aren’t as bad as the 12 hour days, but they’re still no walk in the park.  I know people work as many if not more hours in other jobs – I did that […]


Picture(s) A Day – 3 January 2011 – SNOW IN LAS VEGAS!!!

I’m keeping this short again due to a lack of energy on my part.  Today was only ten hours at work.  Tomorrow will be 12.  We don’t know about the rest of the week.  I try to stay focused on the paycheck, but even that gets fuzzy at times.  At least I got something I’ve […]


Picture(s) A Day – 31 December 2010

I’m going to make this and the next post rather short on words on account of the necessity of sleep very soon – thanks for understanding Yesterday was the last day of the year and day number 12 in a row at work.  I still managed to get a few good pics These are for […]


Picture(s) A Day – 28 December 2010 – New Camera!

Hey there!  You might have thought I’d dropped off the face of the earth, but I’ve just been busy   Overtime followed by more overtime on top of still more overtime has been the norm at work lately.  Rains in California turned out to be record setting and had an unexpectedly severe effect on telecommunications. […]