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30 November 2014 – Yet Another Circumnavigation of the Solar System!

“This year gone by ain’t been a piece of cake!” PREACH IT, JIMMY   !!! Seriously, it’s been a tough year and that’s putting it mildly. That said, I still have Ember, I still have Cindy, I still have my family, still have my friends, and I’m still on the better side of the ground […]


Obama’s Former Secret Service Agent On Guns

Obama and Biden don’t know much about guns except that they don’t like them. Their Secret Service agents, on the other hand, know quite a lot about them.


Indiana Sheriffs Deserve A Medal!!!

All of the current and recent “gun control” bills seek to impose limits on the capacity of ammunition magazines available to civilians. How well would those work? A Sheriff in Indiana decided to make a video of several demonstrations about just this topic: So, magazine capacity limits don’t work at all. Just like everyone in […]


Feinstein – Lying Piece of Crap

I can prove this is false.  Care to try me Senator?


A Reminder – Remember Who and What We’re Up Against

Yes, that’s current attorney general Eric Holder.  No, I don’t think he wanted to see this video brought back into the public spotlight.  Just remember that this is what many if not most of the anti-gunners really want when they talk about “reasonable restrictions” on your Second Amendment rights.


5 Liter V Twin

This incredibly awesome five litre V twin engine was hand made using a couple of cylinders from a Pratt & Whitney radial engine.  It took a lot of skill and creativity to come up with this! From the description: This is the first test run of my 5 litre V Twin engine based on two […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – Meanwhile, Back in Las Vegas…

It’s been a while, but I’m still here In the past few weeks I’ve been working, riding, and taking pictures to post but it’s been busy as well.  I’ve got to get moving today to get things ready for some good times after work this week and a special event on Wednesday, so I’m going […]


Cool Plane Pr0n via Lex

I found this little video over at Lex’s place and figured y’all might enjoy it too   Incredible film of jets combined with good music – what’s not to love about that   And yes, I want a few of those jets for my own


A Contender For My Next Vehicle – Ural Gear-Up

What vehicle doesn’t usually lean in corners, doesn’t have a roof or doors, uses rather old technology, and isn’t priced under $10,000 (it’s $13,949 if we’re being specific) but has still captured my heart?  I’ll give you a few hints.  It’s Russian, wears a camouflage paint scheme, has three wheels, requires a unique skill set […]


Carver – A Dutch Car I’d Love To Drive

One of the parts of motorcycling I’ve fallen in love with is leaning through corners   One of my biggest gripes these days about cars is that they don’t lean in corners.  Oh sure, there’s the lower fuel economy, limited visibility, and over-insulation from the outside world but not leaning is right up there with […]