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Prayers for the miners

Surely everyone must know about the miners who were trapped and possibly killed by the mine collapse in central Utah. The first drill didn’t find anything good, but I hope the second does.

Most people have probably never been anywhere near this region – it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I know as I have been there.

You see, my roommate is from a small town very near the mine in question – she’s from Elmo, Utah which is near Price. You probably won’t find Elmo on a map, it’s that small. Everyone in the area either works the mines or farms or ranches. Her dad worked the mines and was injured in a cave in.

I made one of the most draining road trips of my life last year to take my roommate’s uncle to Orangeville, Utah for a job interview at another coal mine. We left Vegas at 10:30 PM or so and arrived at 7:30 AM due to fog and breaks to walk around. After the stop at the mine (I got about an hour sleep) we headed on up to Elmo to see his mom and then over to Price so he could take care of a few things. I got a couple more hours of sleep before heading back to Vegas.

No, I didn’t meet all that many people and I didn’t spend that much time there. I did meet enough people and see enough of the area to know that they care about their families, hold their faith in high regard and will work hard to make the best life they can.

I’m praying for these miners, their families, and all of their coworkers and friends. Please take a few minutes and do the same.

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