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Utah Coal Mines – Pray with me a bit more… – Cave-In Kills 3 Utah Mine Rescuers, Injures 6 Others – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

It was a shocking setback on the 11th day of the effort to find six miners who have been confined at least 1,500 feet below ground at the Crandall Canyon mine. It’s unknown if the six are alive or dead.

I just heard about this on the radio inbetween segments of the Mike Gallagher show. Mike has been talking about the way the press is reporting on President Bush and how maybe Bush should have announced Rumsfeld’s resignation before the 2006 election. But I can’t think about that now.

I can’t think about much of anything.

My mind is somewhere else – about five hundred or so miles north of here in Central Utah. You see, the mission to save the six trapped miners has suffered a truly horrific tragedy. Nine men were working underground, excavating coal in an effort to reach those who we’ve been praying for when the mountain moved again and another section of the mine – the section that they were in – caved in.

The latest news reports indicate that three of those rescue workers have passed away. Another six are reported to have been injured, but no further details have been released. Reports also indicate that efforts to rescue the original trapped miners have been put on hold.

This news hits even harder for me because not only have I been there, but I know some of the people there and many of my roommate’s family members live there and work in the mines around that area. None of her direct relatives were involved in the first collapse, but one of her Mom’s old friends from school is one of the original six trapped miners.

Compounding the impact of this latest news is something that sounds natural when you hear it, but which might not have occured to you if you’re not from there and aren’t familiar with the mining industry.

The first thing that happens after a collapse or accident like the original collapse is that all of the local miners band together and pitch in with the rescue effort. Miners are family to other miners. Every one of them puts their life on the line every day for a paycheck and they trust each other with their lives.

What this means to me is that there is the very real possibility that one of my roommate’s family members or friends is one of those who was either injured or lost while trying to save those they considered family. I’m also worried for her and her mother and her father considering a host of other complicating factors in their lives lately which I won’t publicize here – not my place to do so.

All I ask for are your prayers. Pray for those who may still be alive over a quarter of a mile below the ground. Pray for those who were injured and who were lost attempting to save them. Pray also for those who know and love all of them. They need all the help they can get and it surely can’t do anything but help for them to know that we are praying for them.

If you wish to do more, I’m certain there are charities who will send your help to those in need. I plan to ask my roommate if she knows of any way I can help tomorrow. Until then I will keep praying.

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