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Huck Finn Time – Goin’ After Panfish With a Bamboo Cane Pole!

So, I’ve caught trout on both of my new rod and reel combinations.  Life’s pretty good :)  That said, variety is the spice of life, so while I’ll continue to use my Zebco combos, I figured I’d try something that’s really affordable, but should be big time fun :wink:

I’m goin’ after some panfish with a cane pole :cool:

On the left we have my new equipment.  It’s a 10 foot bamboo cane pole made by B&M and available at Walmart (click here) for a very reasonable price.  My local Walmart had three of these on clearance for $4.50 each and I ended up buying them one by one over the last little while.  I don’t know why nobody else picked them up.  Maybe people thought they were just a toy?  I figured I’d do the same thing I did when I bought my Hi-Point C9 by trying it out for myself, only with a lot less money at risk :wink:

In the center, we have the tackle kit that comes with each of the B&M bamboo poles.  There’s line, a small sinker, a wire hook, and a foam float.  Will it catch fish?  I think it probably will and I’ll probably even try it out sometime, but I figured I’d try something else a little different first :)

The fishing line on the far right is what I’ve decided to use instead of the line that came with the cane pole.  The fish I’m going after are generally known as panfish.  Crappie, bluegill, sunfish, perch, and quite a few others are examples of panfish.  As you’ve probably guessed, that term comes from the fact that they’ll easily fit in a frying pan.  Most of these fish rarely exceed two pounds or so which means that I should be able to get away with using some really light line on that cane pole and the lighter the line, the less likely they’ll see it.  This stuff is two pound test, so I should be fine and getting it for $2 on clearance was nice as well :thumb:

Continuing with the equipment upgrade, on the left we have a couple of new floats to use instead of the foam float that came with the cane pole.  The included float might be perfectly fine, but I like the way these attach and they’ll be as good or better.  Besides, they were about $1 or so each so they won’t hurt anything :)

Moving to the center we find the new hooks I picked out.  These are Tru-Turn (click here for more info) hooks that are made for panfish.  The shank is longer which makes getting them out of a small fish’s mouth a bit easier and the shank has a specific bend which helps get the fish hooked more often.  I think they’re probably a bit of an upgrade over the small, single hook that came with the cane pole and it’s not like I can’t use ‘em on my other setups :wink:

Finally on the right is another type of line called fluorocarbon.  This stuff is usually pretty expensive, but people pay the money because it’s virtually invisible in water to fish as well as people :deal:  Now to give you an idea of the difference in price, 750 YARDS of Berkley basic monofilament line is about $3 at Walmart.  250 yards of the average fluorocarbon is generally around $12 to $15 or so.  I might try using this with a cane pole, but that’s not why I got it.  I’m planning on using this stuff as a leader where it’s only used for the few feet closest to the hook.  We’ll just have to see how that goes.

Stay tuned – There’s more stuff inbound and I’ve got a fishing outing or three planned for the near future :)

Have a great day, everyone :mrgreen:


Fishing – Continuing Upgrades to my Equipment

I’m pretty sure someone out there is going to ask this question, so I’ll get it out of the way now.  No, I do not intend to acquire enough fishing gear to fill up the back of a U-Haul :wink:  That said, I will probably get quite a bit more in the near future.  You see, I’m in the stage where I’m just learning (and in many cases re-learning) the how, what, where, when, and why of fishing.  Once I learn a bit more, it will be easier to know what to get and what not to :)

So, what have we here?  On the left is a pair of balsa floats which I understand have quite a few advantages over the old red and white “beach ball bobbers” everyone knows so well.  They’re more sensitive and not too expensive.

In the center is a small tray for a tackle box with dividers.  My idea is to take some of the most used hooks, swivels, lures, sinkers, etc. and put them in a couple of small cases for easy access :)

Last for this group, but certainly not least, is that jar of salmon eggs.  I figured it this way.  I already had dough bait and power eggs that float.  I also had worms that sink.  I wanted one more sinking bait for certain occasions.  These were the least expensive ones at Walmart, but I figure they’ll do just fine :wink:

Tackle included with my Zebco 11 combo

Tackle included with my Zebco 11 combo

I got to thinking about it and I remembered that I had even more fishing gear here at home.  I got a Zebco 11 combo on clearance at Walmart a little while back.  It just so happened that it came with quite a bit of useful tackle!  The bobbers are exactly the kind I’m moving away from, but the rest of it looks good and useful :wink:

Budget fillet knife

Budget fillet knife

Finally, we have the fillet knife that I picked up for under $10.  I don’t plan on limiting myself to catch and release :)  Cindy and her mom may not like finned fish, but I know I do, Cindy’s grandma does, and there’s a chance that Ember might like it as well.  This knife should do just fine for a while when it comes to cleaning trout and panfish :thumb:

Well, that’s all for now, but you all know I’ll be back soon.  Have a great day, everyone :mrgreen:


Found at Aerostich – Season of the Bike by Dave Karlotski


I found a damn good bit of writing a while back while perusing the Aerostich website.  It’s one of those places that has good gear and tools for motorcyclists.  They also have a few good articles if you know where to look :wink:

The piece I’m talking about is called Season of the Bike by Dave Karlotski.  It’s a pretty short piece at about a page or so, but it’s well worth reading :)  Here are a couple of my favorite parts:

Despite this, it’s hard to give up my motorcycle in the fall and I rush to get it on the road again in the spring; lapses of sanity like this are common among motorcyclists. When you let a motorcycle into your life you’re changed forever. The letters “MC” are stamped on your driver’s license right next to your sex and height as if “motorcycle” was just another of your physical characteristics, or maybe a mental condition.

Cars lie to us and tell us we’re safe, powerful, and in control. The air-conditioning fans murmur empty assurances and whisper, “Sleep, sleep.” Motorcycles tell us a more useful truth: we are small and exposed, and probably moving too fast for our own good, but that’s no reason not to enjoy every minute of the ride.

Click here to go and read the rest over on the Aerostich site :thumb:


Fishing – New Bait & Tackle

So, back in the last post we covered my catching a nice rainbow trout on a big, yellow rooster tail shortly before losing that lure.  It was the only one I had that was that size and color, so I went out and did a bit of shopping for a replacement.  Yeah, I got a few extra things while I was at it :wink:

On the left is the pair of slip bobbers I picked up on clearance at Kmart along with the bobber stops that allow them to work right.  I won’t go into details right now, but a slip bobber allows for better casting while being able to fish a bit deeper.

In the middle we have an assortment of rooster tails.  I grabbed one 1/8 oz and two 1/4 oz rooster tails because it’s just so much easier to cast further with the bigger ones and I have similar lures to the 1/8 oz if I want to use something a bit smaller.

On the right is what’s known as a Jake’s Lure.  According to a couple of Walmart employees and the Utah DNR fishing report, these are supposed to work really well.  I’m going to try it out as it can’t really hurt :wink:

I didn’t just get lures and floats, though :cool:  I asked at Walmart (a couple of the employees there do quite a bit of fishing) what sort of baits they’ve had luck with and did some research before choosing these.

I still have some Power Bait dough, but there are times when I’d prefer something a bit different.  That’s where the Power Eggs come in.  They’re not the cheapest thing on the planet, but they’re still good :wink:  I’ll probably swing by Walmart again soon and grab some regular salmon eggs before long.

The marshmallows are nice and bright and cheese scented/flavored, but that’s not why I bought them.  While they can be used as trout bait on their own, I’m planning on using them to float bait up off the bottom.  They’ll keep my worms and such up a little ways to where the fish are (hopefully) biting :wink:  The nice thing is that this rather large container was rather inexpensive and should last a while :thumb:

That’s all for now, but I’ll catch y’all later with more good stuff :mrgreen:


22 March 2014 – Fishing at the Carbon County Fairgrounds

Saturday was a pretty good day :cool:

I worked Saturday from 0800 to 1500 hrs and it surprisingly sucked much less than it has lately :D  I had a bit of a snack with Ember, Cindy, and Cindy’s mom at the restaurant where they were having lunch, did a bit of shopping at Walmart, and finally stopped by home for a few moments before heading to the Carbon County Fairgrounds to spend some quality time with a couple of rods and reels :wink:

I’d gotten a second rod permit at Walmart because I’d intended to set up one rod with a worm and a marshmallow to keep everything off the bottom while I set the other one up for fishing with dough bait off the bottom.  Well, there was a problem with that.  The marshmallows were well on their way to becoming white rocks and I couldn’t get a hook through them right.  I set both rods up for dough bait, but either the fish weren’t interested or I was in the wrong place.

With dough bait not working, no way to float a worm off the bottom, and too much wind to use a bobber, so I switched to lures.  I’d left my bigger rod in a holder and was using my newer, smaller rod (a Zebco 11) to see how well it would work. I tried a couple of small spinners and whatnot, but they really couldn’t get much distance due to the wind.  I finally said screw it and grabbed the biggest spinner I had.  It was a 1/4 oz yellow rooster tail…

22 March 2013 - Rainbow trout from Fairgrounds Pond

22 March 2013 – Rainbow trout from Fairgrounds Pond

I’d never caught a fish on a lure before, but that changed about the eighth or ninth cast with this one :thumb:  I was varying my retrieve speed, twitching the rod, and trying to do something that might attract attention.  I finally felt almost like I’d snagged ANOTHER underwater obstacle, but things were moving too much for it to have been that :)

The rainbow trout I caught was a bit smaller than I’d wanted to keep, so he went back in the water.  I tried a few more times with that lure, but it got snagged and lost a few casts later.  I tried my Zebco 33 setup with another lure and managed to get a nice tangle under the spinner head, but it wasn’t too bad to fix :wink:

22 March 2013 - Panorama - Fairgrounds Pond

22 March 2013 – Panorama – Fairgrounds Pond

I ended up leaving a bit later than I’d planned, but overall I had a pretty good day :cheers:

I’ll leave you all with the panorama above from the time I left the Fairgrounds pond.  I thought it was a pretty evening myself.  Have a great day, everyone :mrgreen:


16 March 2013 – Fishing at Gigliotti Pond

Well, the last post left off with pics of what I’d found in my tackle box.  This post might skip over a bit of gear info in the pics, but I’ll try to fill it in as best I can :wink:

The only fishing gear I could find aside from my tackle box was a seven foot, one piece, medium heavy action bait casting rod with a big bait casting reel.  I’ve tried to learn how to cast using that reel, but the only thing I seem to be able to do with it is make horrendous bird’s nest tangles.  Aside from the trouble casting, it’s entirely too heavy of a rod to try to use for the relatively small trout, bass, and panfish in the smaller waters I’ll primarily be fishing.  I got that back in Vegas for going after carp and catfish :)

Time for a new rod and reel :D  Walmart had some killer deals in their clearance section and I took advantage of one of them.  A Zebco 33 Platinum reel is a spincasting, closed face model with all metal construction.  The reel by itself in sporting goods is $33.  I got a combo with a Zebco 33 Platinum, a decent rod, and a few lures for $30!  I also grabbed some hooks, swivels, bait, etc. and proceeded to take that gear out to Gigliotti Pond in Helper, UT…

As you can see from the pics above, I didn’t have a bad time :thumb:

It was windy and I started off with a bobber and a worm, but that just got blown downwind.  I tried switching to some lures, but I got no response.  Finally, I moved to where some people who I’d seen catching fish had been and switched to using some floating dough bait on a treble hook.  I caught three fish in about 90 minutes and I had a blast :D  All of these fish went back into the pond since I wasn’t really ready to take one home and the last two were a bit smaller than I’d wanted :wink:

Anywho, I’ll be back again with more soon!  Have a great day, everyone :mrgreen:


Fishing – Getting Started All Over Again

So, I’ve decided to get back into fishing again :)  Before hauling off and getting all new everything, I looked around to see what I could find around the house that survived a few moves.

One thing I was able to find was my tackle box :cool:  There was quite a bit of stuff in there that looked useful, too.  Here’s a look at what I managed to find :wink:

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with more.  It’s actually been a while since I took these pics and I’ve already been out to a couple of fishin’ holes with my gear :thumb:

Have a great day, everyone :mrgreen:


Ember’s Latest Professional Pics

So, Cindy decided that we needed some new professional pics of Ember :)  Now, I can take pics all day long and I have a decent camera and all, but I’m not going to get results like a pro.  I don’t have the lighting, walls, props, and experience working with kids that the pros do.  Give me an airshow and I’ll be all over the flight line.  Give me my daughter and I’ll get a few good ones, but not this many good ones in an hour or so :wink:

We took Ember up to Camera Shy in Lehi, UT and got a pretty good deal.  All the pics you see here were given to us on a CD along with the copyright to the images and all for the low price of under $100 :cool:

Now, I don’t usually use the gallery format for a few good reasons, but I did this time because it saves a tremendous amount of time and space.  If you click on one of the small pics below, you’ll go to the attachment page where you’ll see the whole picture, but it’s still going to be fairly small.  Click on the small picture on the attachment page and you’ll get the big version of the pic :)

Big thanks go out to Cindy for coming up with this idea, for following through, and for paying for the pictures :D  She gets all the credit here – I’m just the one with the blog who can post them online :wink:  Anyway, here’s the pics and we hope you enjoy them :thumb:

I think she’s incredibly cute and adorable, but then again I am a little biased :wink:


Sunday Morning Coffee

Since The Old Retired Petty Officer is on BP meds thanks to a hernia a few years ago having it go in a vertical climb, I have been reduced to a lower caffeine intake. Folger’s Half Caff is the normal for six days a week. Sunday Morning is a bit different.

I have developed an affinity for Cascade Pride Java Rocket which is carried at the Winco in Lancaster. I get a full bag of beans, about a pound and a half or so. Missus ORPO got me a rather snazzy grinder some time back as well so it is freshly ground.

The Mug is My Favorite. Tigger is that personality that is endless……………………………Thinking about a Tigger Tattoo………………..

Without further ado, here is the photographic evidence………………….

Morning Coffee 3-16-14-1

Morning Coffee 3-16-14-2 :tomcat:


In Memoriam – Missing Lex

Lex in the Cockpit

Lex in the Cockpit

I can’t believe it’s been two years since we lost a good friend.  A retired Captain in the Navy, Carroll LeFon had gone back to his treasured place in the cockpit and was flying a vintage foreign fighter jet as a civilian contractor helping to train our current Navy pilots.  I stole the pic above from Old AF Sarge because it’s how I like to remember Lex.

I’m not going to go into details about how Lex passed.  That’s been done for the most part and we’re still waiting for the full accident report due to complexities of the situation.  No, today I will remember and celebrate a man who I respected as did many others.

Godspeed, Lex, and may God bless your family and friends.